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Monthly salary of 1,500 yuan in Guangzhou Festival Yuesao nanny higher income

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2 million this year, Guangzhou nanny training Nanny nanny to improve the quality of ease shortage Yesterday, the Guangzhou City MO small British Home Economics Association, said the Secretary-General, Guangzhou plans to train 20,000 nannies, and most estimates are trained nurse in Yuesao positions. Xiaoying in Mozambique appears to alleviate long-standing nurse shortage, we must first improve the quality of nanny industry itself, "what you will not only wild speculations, certainly not." Only to enhance their own skills, be possible recognized by the market, and now, a trained nurse on the market compared to only single digits. "In the past many nannies are reluctant to training, their best hope is to Guangzhou this morning, the afternoon posts will be able to home to make money. Are not willing to give them free training." Mok said Xiaoying, but after practice last year after six months, not Nanny changed his mind less, for example, Xi Guo, and we have many different training pot, what kind of pot what kind of detergent, how to clean, "trained, and know that there are learning." General case, the nanny to get permits, people are willing to please, the price is high, tasted the sweetness of the nurse began to accept training. "Some even prefer to give up the nanny's income for two months training in exchange for an annual income at least 3,600 yuan." Zhong Li told reporters, but on this show, like Wei experienced nanny to switch dry Yuesao, more than a year to get a million yuan. It is understood that 5 years of experience in a mid-level Yuesao monthly income of more than 3,000 yuan, while senior Yuesao is able to get the 3800 to 4500 yuan. Little Britain in Mozambique's plan in 2010 will train more than 20,000 nurse the hope that through 5 years of training, making Guangzhou the nanny can achieve certificates. "They are high income, the turnover rate was not so serious, and the gap will not be so big." Shortage No employer has doubled back to nanny 3 copies of a working nurse can pick "Early in the morning in early June, no one called and asked to go to work to have nannies." Yesterday morning, reporters in Wuyang Village Center to see a domestic intermediary, many employers to your nanny. "Now the company only a dozen nannies come back, but there are dozens of waiting dignitaries who the employer." Zhengxiang and general manager of domestic companies, said Zhou Min. Kang Xin Liang Yanping domestic managers five or six ten hands waiting to nanny employers, nanny the day but three or four places back. Home Economics Association, the Secretary-General in Guangzhou that Xiao-Ying Mo, compared to previous years, the nanny to go home so early this year, Chinese New Year, while the back is relatively late. "Two days before the nanny came back today, all ninth day, the nanny is still relatively small return." 96,909 community service platform manager Aimin Pan told reporters yesterday called domestic telephone on weekdays and from 500 up to 1000, doubled, "opening soon, and many families want to nanny." Estimated the fifteenth After most of the nanny will be back. According to reports, nanny a few days after the holiday has become the meat and potatoes, supply and demand ratio is at least 1:2, a little bit of experience a person can even pick the nanny 3 copies of work. Expected until March, the nanny will be more balanced supply and demand. Rise Nanny wages two to three years to double Working families shouted, "can not stand" Nanny tight, prices will naturally bullish. Compared to same period last year, nanny salary of 100 to 200 yuan / month gains. Kang said Xin Liang Yanping, manager of Home Economics, now with children of skilled nanny salary of 1700 ~ 2000 yuan / month, novices have with children 1,500 yuan / month, the novice to the general housework from 1200 to 1300 yuan / month. "Senior" nannies River Sister is from Hubei, the beginning of June to return to Guangzhou, "Last year, they will get about 2,500 yuan a month, has now been met twenty-three people, not completely settle down." Sister Jiang hopes wages can reach 2,800 yuan / month. Ms. Ann live in the Milky Way is now to start their own kids, "We are two couples, the monthly wage of barely ten thousand dollars, raising children, of raising a house sitter, can not stand." Ping An Jiazheng manager Jiang Zhiping, said two or three years, seeing the ordinary nurse from the previous 800 yuan / month rose to 1500 ~ 2000 yuan / month. "Now the nanny's wages are not low, the general college graduates also a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, relatively speaking, the nanny industry, people are still older, low culture, skills low." Jiang Zhiping said that, after all, most of your nanny or working-class people can afford that is today's price. She estimated that two years would be more stable prices nanny. Cases Yuesao higher incomes Nanny have diverted Nanny industry threshold is low, providing pay and benefits low relative to other industries, there is no social security, and generally find other people who work very few willing to do babysitting. In contrast, high-level jobs Yuesao count. Artificially high because the last two years to join the ranks of Yuesao and nursing staff were on the rise. Maoming, Guangdong, 43 people show months Wei told reporters that she was babysitting in the first half last year, the monthly income of 1,500 yuan, took part in training courses and get a job card Yuesao, revenues rose by 1,000 yuan. "Normally the district where the exchange Yuesao and nannies often, when we all know is almost dry living, income is a big difference, many are diverted to a nanny." A nurse in a district Chigang aunt said. Barbara Chung Lai domestic company who respect, "even if the primary child-care workers, the monthly income of 1,800 yuan, more than skilled and more experienced nanny to take 300 yuan per month, which is to attract the most direct cause of nurse career change."