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"80" after a new round of baby boom lift a boom market Yuesao

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In recent years, "80" set off a new round of generation of baby boom. It also brought a boom market Yuesao, Tianjin since 2003, with the first batch of Yuesao, and now they have become the most popular domestic market, but also the highest paid group, the monthly wages of ordinary Yuesao all between 2000 and 2,500 yuan. And with the "expert level" 24-hour "Need Yuesao" already reached a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan or more. Even if the fee is not low, the demand for the young parents are still very big, full-time vocational certificates Yuesao "hard to find a Sister," the situation has been going on for a very long time. Why Yuesao market "Fire", Tianjin, the staff of Family Services said: "confinement" is the most important women in his life a period of time, and now young women after giving birth, both parents can help them take care of babies , but parents are often prone to experience the old generation and the younger generation of conflict, young people willing to please Yuesao. That they can not only reduce the burden on parents and babies to take care of more scientific methods. Please "Sister" is hard to book in advance a "Sister" is hard to find At present, received professional training, and the "entry" Yuesao monthly salary in 1600-1800 yuan. More than one year of experience will rise 500 yuan Yuesao wages for more than two years to reach a monthly salary of 2500-3000 yuan. The 24-hour Yuesao now generally have reached the monthly salary of 3500-4000 yuan or more, if there is more than 5 years experience, good reputation, a senior professional certifications, and had gained some skills competition ranking, then the salary will be able to more than 5000 yuan. Even so, to please have a good Yuesao booking six months ahead.