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Sunshine is "Yuesao shortage" ranked order to the Chief Yuesao June next year

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"Yuesao shortage" a long time, practitioners of the traditional concept of constraint, work pressure and other reasons, so add less than the loss of Yuesao Yuesao, while the market demand as living standards are increasing, prompting Shandong Rizhao "Yuesao Shortage" intensified. Status Yuesao find - set to advance booking "Yuesao hard to find, a child is born after the discovery, to find Yuesao had to book in advance." Sunshine public Zhang told reporters. 17 afternoon, Mr. Zhang specifically requested an afternoon off to accompany his wife to the City People's Hospital Students son a bath soon. Reporter interviewed found that the maximum monthly salary of Yuesao can reach 6,000 yuan, but because of traditional ideas, work pressure and other reasons, the loss of sunlight is still the city's Yuesao, resulting in "Yuesao shortage" Phenomenon. The end of October this year, Mr. Zhang's child was born, to find a couple to think about Yuesao, but to the domestic company, one asked, Yuesao very scarce, there is no free Yuesao. Helpless, Zhang only the mother To take over from the home by the elderly to take care of his wife and children. Subsequently, the reporter went to the west of Heze City People's Hospital Road, gathered here a number of domestic companies. Immediately able to find a reporter Yuesao posts, staff have said no. Sunshine Sister domestic service center Ms. Wang said that we must make reservations in advance to find Yuesao, normally takes two months ahead of general Yuesao scheduled to have the Chief Yuesao orders routed to the end of June next year. Sister domestic service center in the sun, the staff out in the registration of the Company scheduled Yuesao one, the reporters saw in November has been an increase of nearly 40 book orders, customers scheduled to lead the gold medal one month Sao, and his wife's birth in the end of June 2011. Reason for Add Yuesao less than the loss of Yuesao It is understood that Yuesao monthly salary between 1200-6000 yuan, an average monthly income level of Yuesao yuan in 1200, if her 24-hour service, the price will double, and she will be able to get 2,000 yuan . This Like doing, in fact, the income Yuesao or very high, and with the level of increase in wages will increase, the highest will get 6,000 yuan a month. Treated so well, how short people? The staff of a domestic company, "said the phenomenon appeared Yuesao shortage, due to market demand. It is reported that in 2006, Sister sun sunshine just opened, the service center only three Yuesao also do not schedule Full of classes, in recent years as the improvement of people's lives, and child care requirements to change the way City is 'hard to find a Sister'. " "'Yuesao shortage' occurs because, in addition to increased demand, there is a more serious Yuesao turnover." Love Borghese Zhao Yuesao service center, said her analysis, in people's traditional values, like Yuesao is a wait person's work, feeling Yuesao do not face, so people willing to engage in this work is not too much to work are generally laid-off workers. In addition, the working hours are long Yuesao, sometimes a day of rest per week is difficult to guarantee a home Yuesao also difficult to coordinate work and family, a long time, there will be backlash Yuesao family. And sometimes must Be home in a different customer service, customers are different and sometimes contradictory as-law "punching bag." Many Yuesao a period of time at work and will be under such pressure to leave.