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Labor shortage spawned wave of price increases rose to 4,500 monthly salary in

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"Labor shortage" raises and price increases birth tide Guangzhou nanny Monthly salary of 3,000 yuan before Yuesao, soared to 4,500 yuan after the holiday! Liaoyuanzhishi spread in the Pearl River Delta region to the "labor shortage", enabling companies to keep people have a raise, but also spawned a new round of the Guangzhou nanny salary increase market tide. Interview with this reporter recently learned that many families in Guangzhou hire foreign nannies nanny recently due to "force the pay," embarrassment. However, the Guangdong Provincial Family Services Association said the domestic market in Guangzhou there are more nanny from price increases, the employers refused to deadlock. Frequently forced to pay nanny staged "Four times a year pay rise, from 1,400 yuan / month to 1,700 yuan / month, and now proposes to 2,000 yuan / month." Mei aunt who lives in Liwan District, a social sector, no one at home to take care of grandson Last year, after the Spring Festival was a Hakka auntie your kids, and pay three times to the nanny, "has come to 1,700 yuan monthly salary, and also I added, less than 2,000 yuan to quit." Mei told reporters angrily aunt said she could not accept such high prices, "no reason to, ah, simply close their eyes shill bidding." Is nanny "forced pay" Aunt May is not the only one. Reporter in the interview that, since the first large-scale Pearl River Delta "labor shortage", and many employers have encountered the same situation. Mr Tsang in the media, one year old son by a nanny to look after, "the monthly wages of 1,500 yuan, not much housework, just ask her to take good boy." Tsang said, nanny always at home in the near future, "broadcast" Do not raise family nanny news, they did not see movement, and finally opening a raise, the goal is 1,800 yuan / month. Nanny will be bidding to open a small area "We said eighth day come back, but till now not start. Yesterday called, and to raise wages before they agree to come back." Lives in the Tianhe district of Ms. Huang Merrill Lake is very depressed, because of delayed return to spike nanny, she had to leave the children and leave off the original finish that can be put in place nannies, nanny who knows that "pay" only the conditions for return post. Nurse told her that the nanny Yulin prices are 1,300 yuan / month or so, get more work in Guangzhou, 200 yuan, but also their homes, not worthwhile. "If you can add to 1,800 yuan, I'll be back." Ms. Wong finally agreed to pay claims. Liu told reporters in Haizhu District, district nurse usually very closely linked, it is frequently the recent "open a small Council" to discuss major salary increase. "Every day together and talk about a pay thing, to leave a child on one side, people came back told me that the wages of 2,000 yuan was added." Lack of work up to four domestic companies into In a number of journalists to provide services to domestic companies Yuesao learned years ago Yuesao starting salary of 3,000 yuan / month, after the holiday has soared to 4,500 yuan / month. Of the year when the nurse shortage downtown, to go to desired nanny, Yuesao prices have soared 4,000 yuan / month, is now more to 4,500 yuan, "this year unusual, according to the experience in previous years, the price dropped after the Lantern Festival." Millennial person in charge of Home Economics said the company into a lack of workers to four, Yuesao share has been improved. Expert opinion Home Association reminded: price increases before the self-test "gold content" Family Service Association of Guangdong Province, confirmed that the Secretary-General Wang Ping, "labor shortage" background, Guangzhou domestic market prices in the grip of nanny nanny from price increases, the employer refused to give the deadlock. To this end, the Association has repeatedly communicate with the member companies, want domestic companies to come forward, nanny to persuade an objective look at their salaries, do not sit in the asking price. However, many domestic companies feedback, price increases are mostly required in the post nanny, hire two different opinions on difficult to coordinate. Ping said that the impasse adverse development of the industry, "nanny market price determined by the market, personal emoluments of employees each using a different objective conditions do not look up to the blind self-worth, not only affect the relationship between employers and employees, to employers of life negative impact, may also bring their own loss. " Into being "forced to pay" dilemma of the employer how to do? Ping advises employers to "watch others give money," "labor value to pay so much, you can add; if not worth, you can find." Millennial overall responsibility for domestic stores, said Mr. Huang, the current caregiver hundred dollars or so of rising prices, prices are still expected slight increase after the Lantern Festival. He believes that employment growth in demand from the Mainland, even after the holiday nanny back, still hard to meet the needs of Guangzhou, nannies and employers will demand ratio will be about 1:1.5.