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Yuesao pay rose 30% want to quit after 80 mothers with children

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CPI consumer price index in September rose 3.6% pay increase over the same period Yuesao Jinan, about 30%. Early October, Jinan Yuesao domestic companies raised the price of services in general, and the sun Sister, Sister, and other famous domestic companies eager gold Yuesao the month of chief nursing has reached 3270 yuan / month, full-time Yuesao prices doubled Up to 6540 yuan / month, comparable to white-collar workers. Jinan Yuesao first appeared in 2004, the monthly wages are only four or five hundred dollars, 6 years Yuesao prices have tripled. Face Yuesao prices, young parents, 80 have begun to consider quit after the kids. To pay 600 yuan per month A college in Jinan company's "80" mother Zhang Recently, some chagrin, regret not booking in advance Yuesao September. At that time, "Sister Sunshine" five-star service price Yuesao only 1950 yuan, as pre- Production in March of next year, Zhang did not rush orders. However, recently when she came again, "Sister Sunshine", the same price can only be employed to the three-star Yuesao, five-star prices Yuesao rose to 2,535 yuan look / month, or up to 30%. This means that more than her monthly expenditure of about 600 yuan. In fact, Zhang Yuesao cost of the pay is not all, of which, including domestic companies pay 5% service charge and 120 of the closing costs. To five-star Yuesao example, Yuesao wage of 2,300 yuan / month, service charges 115 Yuan, transaction fee is 120 yuan / time, the total 2535 yuan. Among them, Yuesao pay up 300 dollars. In fact, employers not only need to pay service charges every time I Yuesao domestic companies are required to pay the 100 yuan fee. Domestic companies in each transaction can earn 300 yuan in the intermediary fees, roughly doubled compared with previous prices. Xiao Zhang in a telephone consultation with other domestic companies have found that most domestic companies raised prices. "Sister Sunshine" the staff said a further rise in the end may also Yuesao prices. The company also asked her to be domestic Two months of service during the one-time payment in advance of the service fee, that is 5070 yuan, or they will not be signed. "80" after expectant parents complain An Jinan "Sister Sunshine" list shows the cost of services: Yuesao work 8 hours a day, even the middle one-hour lunch break, 6 half days a week, longer hours required employers to pay overtime and wages, etc. Use. If it is twins, 700 per month will increase the nursing turnover cost increased by 50%. "Now, more than the cost of employee Yuesao my salary." "80" after the prospective father of the Economic Herald Sun reporter sigh. He said that because their parents are in the field, he had intended to hire a Yuesao with children, with the Yuesao Wages rose, he had to change plans. Sun's lover is a company clerk in Jinan, the monthly income of 2,000 yuan, barely enough money a month the cost of three-star Yuesao, "Instead of allowing others to see, might as well let the old Woman to resign themselves with it. "Mr. Sun said, his beloved has been thinking of quitting, your kids at home. Salaries rose, Yuesao did not improve the standards of service, the young mothers who complain of a stomach. Yuesao two months have been hired, said the young mother, who has replaced several Yuesao, for one month A 5. Yuesao in short supply The data from the Jinan City Family Planning Commission show that Jinan is expected to total 70,000 this year babies are born, in addition to a large number of older age groups, formed a huge market demand. In fact, according to the "Sunshine Sister," the staff Revealed that the market in Jinan Yuesao only about 4,000, a huge gap between supply and demand. And "80" mothers willing to spend money on employee Yuesao, employment cycles getting longer and longer, potentially also causing supply shortages. Sister headquarters in Ma On Shan Road, Sunshine, staff told the Herald reporter, as the maternal booking Yuesao generally more than six months in advance, before June next year, five-star Yuesao basically been booked, and 24-hour full-time months Sao is hard to find. Here, the Herald reporter also saw a few interviews Yuesao wait, most of them were from Shenyang, Jinan and the surrounding economy, business district along the river housewives. It reflected them, most of them do not want to do full-time months Sister, do not want long-term contracts. RT-Mart's Ms Dong, who lives in that landscape, full-time Yuesao despite high income, but need to live in the maternity house during the day and night must take care of kids, really tired, generally only single women Economy or the field to women workers will choose. "Sister Sunshine" deputy general manager, said the media had high Yuzhi, Yuesao mobility, salary increase but also to retain people. General Yuesao current monthly salary is 1,200 yuan, 300 yuan to remove the pension insurance, only 900 yuan, almost the minimum wage in Jinan City. Herald reporters also learned that, in addition to Yuesao, the part-time, family members accompanying salary also rose by 40-100 per month.