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Groom, groom, who is attending blindly groom?

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Nowadays, numerous duty increases his competition ability artificially in field, attend actively in succession groom. This is meddlesome originally, but a lot of people do not have direction to what should learning, more hardship learned somebody good period of time, discover however did not acquire drop to go up. In May, " duty field guideline " groom atelier opens business a month. Be in 1 short in the month, this column caused the attention of numerous reader, a lot of people pass the means of phone, email to be contacted with us, hope understanding concerns issue of groomed square field side. Pass through this window, perplex duty field public figure a few groom the problem also appears directly in us before...

Problem 1: Groom blindly time-consuming fee money

Easy feeling crowd: Duty field is entered first, aspirant and academic person.

Symptom: To his professional career lack makes clear a program, attend blindly groom.

Easy feeling index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Case: Miss Wang is in 3 endowment the company works, this major is English. After the job, because company scope is little, hand is little, be short of an accountant, she is allocated to help become a treasurer, although do not understand, cannot plead however, with clever and academic, deal with constrainedly come down. Good to do bookkeeper works, she signed up for an accountant class outside later. But this year, company dimensions expanded, personnel increases, invite applications for a job learn fiscal technically " the sea returns " , in Miss Wang heart urgent. She begins to regret, oneself English did not rise further, again oneself are not interested in the accountant, but at the outset amateur learned an accountant to spent money still take time, oneself won't develop to this direction again, really not be to one's profit.

Diagnose: When the choice grooms, the direction that should charge certainly above all must agree with his professional target photograph, because of charging ultimate goal it is the profession that is future development prepares, to duty field go-between, what need to make clear most is attend groom how many does the help rate that grows to future have. Resemble Miss Wang, do not yearn accountant way develops, spent time and money however, him in the end feels very bad luck. Accordingly, attend groom must have a big premise, the professional program that did not come namely is what kind of, of this program can carry out a gender how to many have after all. Only this premise decided, ability has specific aim ground undertake grooming accordingly quite.

Additional, charging content must agree with the demand bearing of working itself. Only position demand and groom content has agree very well, just be helpful for using money and energy to edge. Because all professions have his professional demand or skill demand, attend current situation of the industry setting that the trade should pursue according to oneself before grooming, trade, industry to develop the case such as direction, him union is current occupational needs to undertake study. Only such, ability accomplishs place to learn to be used for place truly quite.