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Inside standard system: Let knowledge become the operation

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Groom enunciative
The thing that grooming is him employee above all, it is the thing of boss next, final ability is the thing of manpower resource management department, must not put upside down order.

Do not have any grooming to be able to replace the ego promotion of employee. Every employee wants nurturance one has what do not learn at the school " duty field learns " ascensive means.

Read, read the person, basic kind that reading a thing is duty field study.

Although,read almost well-known, but we still suggest every employee nurturance is read regularly (browse, watch) the habit of channel of 3 3 periodical of major of triplet major newspaper, triplet, professional sites, professional TV. Only such ability gain systematic knowledge, and knowledge not the system does not have value.

The person that read a person to read a success namely, read a loser, read the competitor, experience that reads the expert, experience others to become his, do not make the mistake that others has made. If be good at learning to experts, let others read for oneself, entered the supreme state of study.

Reading a thing is " do a thing, realize show a sense " . We think, knowing why oneself fail is the most miserable failure; Knowing why oneself fail also is successful; Knowing why oneself succeed also is failure; Knowing why oneself succeed just is the greatest success.

If an employee quality is not only high, the responsibility that is him controller certainly then. So, the quality that must not say him employee in public is too low, that is equal to him declare " groom incompetent " .

Controller must understand, groom nowhere is absent. Arranging the job is to groom, checking the work is to groom, reporting the work is to groom, summary works or groom, attending a meeting is to groom, communicating the conference also is to groom.

We suggest every appoint governor (arrangement) an employee mount guard, want to have the talk of all directions face: What is post requirement? What kind of capacity did you already have? Do you still need what to kind of capacity have? You should read what book, learn to who, how to learn?

Every controller is trainer, responsible church employee works. Staff job was not done good, criticized a likelihood or do bad, because of him won't. Controller or washs out him, or church him.

1, setting is clairvoyant
Exposure sale grooms trade real situation

One, groom course of study makes a price war
Groom is industry competition very intense really? The National People's Congress inside course of study can say " very intense " ! Do not believe you to look --
Groom the manager gets a few mail everyday, it is to groom company hair will recommend course;
Often can appear a few groom the company bumps into car phenomenon (recommend a teacher and course at the same time) ;
Great majority grooms the course that the company does not have him and instructor, it is the property of intermediary company purely, mutual between main measure of competition is price war;