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Hubei is entered this year " baby boom "

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” of darling of “ gold pig gathers together

Chinese network news (sea of reporter Zou lovely wowan is columbine) the complete province population year ago and conference of family planning job disclose, in last few years I save low birth level to appear to rebound more by force, this year will be a baby boom year. Concerned expert expresses, from each are at present big the circumstance that obstetric ward is in an emergency visits the hospital, my province already entered ” of “ baby boom.

Children hospital new student inside ward, busy move takes care of the nurse little baby people. Reporter piece 偲 is photographed

" " " reporter investigation

Obstetric ward is in an emergency

The reporter is in day after day each large hospital investigation discovers the our city, 3 armour hospital is obstetric ward is in an emergency, courtyard of health care of province women and children is obstetric average outpatient service measures day to already amounted to 300 person-time this year, will be born in Feburary only 400 darling. Be in one hospital of city, already will be born in March 100 many darling, than last year the corresponding period became much 20 many. Courtyard of health care of city women and children begins from this year, on average every months also 100 many darling are born, because ward is used not quite, already came to move of ward of partial department of gynaecology use.

Large hospital produces dragon of check platoon leader

Yesterday, the reporter encounters pregnant woman Zhang Xiaoman in hospital of a civilian battalion. She says, the month makes an inspection in large hospital on, in the morning after registration, discharge all the time room entrance exceeds in B, blood test, urinalysis, B exceeds, the examination such as electrocardiogram comes down, already much at 3 o'clock afternoon. To save time, she reelects now go to civilian battalion hospital.

The reporter understands in courtyard of health care of city women and children, undertake pregnant woman is built this year book pregnant woman amount increases ceaselessly. Chen Jie of doctor of obstetric vice director says this courtyard, recently since 3 months, everyday build quantity to have 30 on average many, most a long time amounts to 50, did the number that produces check to break up one time than last year.

Lunar elder brother's wife demands exceeds supply

“ nurses with Mu Ying of ” of aid month elder brother's wife dragon of company controller magnify says, look according to current condition, be like when lunar elder brother's wife seeks again after production, it is difficult to can be compared, so most person can book lunar elder brother's wife ahead of schedule. This year, seek advice book a phone from begin to be in hot line condition all the time after year, elder brother's wife of nearly 100 months is at present all mount guard, book a service to already was discharged to August at last.