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How should the company help handler grow

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Most company does not know how to should help handler grow, also calm bear have this worry: Company of Mai Ken stannum is aimed at complete beauty recently in 50 big companies, more than 6000 handler of before ranking a company 200 position made an investigation, the result shows, only the handler of 3% thinks, the company is effective and the ability that apace develops them. Mix in working spell, traditional interior no matter outside clique recieve training, or it is the respect such as teacher system, most handler thinks, the company fosters them to grow without the intention.

Some companies believe, the husband that has ability is OK naturally growing healthy and strong; Some companies think ability is to buy get, for example they can wait to dig horn in order to cultivate the person with ability's well-known company to bizarre company. Although the enterprise has reason to search high-ranking government person with ability outwards really, however also must education of capable proper motion. When the handler of ability searchs harder and harder, think only from outside " buy a talented person " politic, also can become quite dangerous and costly. The high-ranking administrator when a company is airborne army when, the memory of company culture and organization can get very big impact. After all, develop the talent's company without ability, the talented person that has drawn very hard also normally will be company effectiveness.

Working experience helps handler ego grow

The enterprise fosters the method of handler to have a lot of kinds, exemple if the opinion is passed on, coach, tutorial system, or training. Besides, what handler needs more is, in the working experience on proper position and harden oneself. However, how to find suitable position for handler? It is below 4 think importantly:

It is the structural means of position above all. Handler ought to be had authority and complete duty, and can enough space comes skill of put to good use. Some are not centralized company, or be gain profit with the company the company that will measure working performance, created the opportunity that a lot of help handler grow.

The 2nd, the company should be offerred a chain of the job that has challenge sex gives potential the talented person. Average and character, the learning curve of every work station is in about 2 after arriving 3 years, can go smooth gradually, and capable handler can begin to feel impatient. A handler should be in same wait for on position how long, along with company property different, job challenges sexual on any account, and the ability that handler itself grows and calm. The research of Mai Ken stannum discovers, the high-ranking director that has a company is in career of 24 years of his jobs, was in charge of eighteen works; But the handler of other company can not follow this director to have fast preferment opportunity euqally certainly, and a lot of companies leave husband in mostly same a position is too long.
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