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Example essence enrols Suo Aipei

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Groom do not divide " recruit is veteran "

According to investigation makes clear: Of general transnational corporation groom charge is his the 5 % of 2 % ~ of business income. And love those who establish a letter to groom investment ranks front row in these transnational corporation. The letter establishs in love, accepting groomed employee is not with " new old " will differentiate, differentiate to be mixed for administrator however with station job professional, professional divides again it is two kinds: The employee of technical personnel and function branch. Before technical personnel is carry out commonly, the engineer after carry out and engineer of research and development, function department employee is the employee such as secret of article of financial accounting, administration, human affairs commonly, love establishs a letter to also differentiate this part employee in the team of professional staff member. Of course, have in these employee " novice " also have " veteran " , but groom do not differentiate with this standard, grooming before only " communication arms " and " tank forces " distinction, and not " recruit is veteran " cent.

Know the work of others

Love those who establish a letter to groom more depends on running skill side, is not just in professional technology respect. Its groom divide probably at present for 34 administrative levels, lowest an administrative levels is basic technical ability grooms. Alleged and basic technical ability grooms, be not a technology to groom, be versed in partly however those who plant is unified groom, this kind grooms the study ability that basically trains employee. Basic technical ability grooms content includes to communicate a few respects such as creativity and the ability, ability that solve a problem and basic knowledge. Basic knowledge not just  of category of job of be confined to and the fundamental content that still includes commerce to manage, for example: Be in some companies, technical personnel need not understand finance affairs and enterprise to run the knowledge of the respect, and the letter establishs in love, every employee that accepts basic technical ability to groom has the study of this course. The letter stands to look in love, technical personnel also must know " the money of the company comes from where " , of course, financial personnel also is necessary to know " GSM and WAP " . Love establishs the comprehensive sex that believes requirement employee knowledge, the purpose is opposite at its the understanding of working flow and the support that work to other.

In understanding others key point " I "

The basic technical ability that loves to establish a letter grooms apply to faculty, it is to raise the major of professional competence to groom on the foundation here, groom in major above be leadership groom, of course, there can be a few to cover between this both. Of leadership groom the purpose has two normally: It is to pass them to strengthen the company culture of the company to make the strategy of the company decision-making can get effectively communicating, 2 it is to let them more understands his personality and be formed to it " match " leadership style and leader are artistic, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses thereby raise leadership.