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Handler, need what kind of groom master?

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According to was opposite Beijing, Shanghai, greatly 2000 professional handler involves satisfaction of firewood fulfil, welfare, individual to spend, live the findings report of the circumstance such as the state shows, 85. The handler of 7 % expresses: Wait for the welfare photograph of other side to compare with medical treatment, housing, value more groom. However, many handler accept the generation after grooming
undesirable effect phenomenon (call " groom syndrome " ) -- majority grooms sound really benefit from, but so much correct conclusion arrived actual in used however do not have, cannot produce beneficial result. What · Robin says Anthony of Great Master of drive of no less than: "Want drive a person, made acquisition ' experience ' , far than ' homiletic ' come more effectively. " handler grooms groom than general skill have specific aim more, richer individual character, let handler know the limitation that exists to mode of him behavior, understanding in the round more thereby, be blemish overcome provide a tool. These giving groom division raised taller requirement.

President qualifications and record of service, thick accumulate and thin hair

Groom stay in the introduction to show era management method to already cannot satisfy market demand apparently merely, of high quality groom still must be opposite groom the effect is responsible. Of abroad advanced groom division is very much had done president, general manager to work in the enterprise overmuch a company, this makes his groom do a job with skill and ease, have a definite object in view; And we a few groom sectional manager just also is accomplished before division, doing however now groom, it make a few hours is OK to make a few hours, do 9 days, not be thick for certain accumulate thin hair however Bao Jihou is sent, give out " air " . Generally speaking, preeminent company grooms division should have the following requirement:

-- the record of formal schooling with the relevant taller major such as management, economy, be in normally Master above, if have abroad study abroad or recieve training experience is optimal;

-- have rich relevant job background to the course of give a lecture, especially of well-known big company hold a post qualifications and record of service;

-- have major groom or give lessons experience, ability of good communication, expression, and the capacity that uses all sorts of contemporary education device constituent teaching plan, adequately;

-- study ability is strong, can renew knowledge and idea ceaselessly, new theory and case are enriched in course;

-- the capability that needs atmosphere of take offense having shift particularly and case analysis ability, can be designed and apply game of analysis of classroom discussion, case, imitate, part to act wait for gimmick, had better have had groom technically division grooms (Trainer Training) experience;

-- have the working experience that is engaged in seeking advice from advisory respect, contact many solid Wu case conditionally, make schoolteaching train of thought open thereby, more solid Wu of press close to.