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Professional handler: Be blossomming still is withered

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In recent years, we had heard a lot of IT profession husband in succession " finish class " message: Gao Qunyao of president of division of China of Li Jinshui of president of division of Yuan Kangbai China, former Microsoft leaves his post. In domestic company, professional handler also is faced with all sorts of variable, wu Shihong fades out of TCL power center, lihan is born in Founder adjust, division dragon " airborne arms " all fronts withdraws, the airborne arms He Xiaojiang that a the closest example is Great Wall PC leaves his post. Only a window is the beautiful book Chinese that has international software business management of enterprise to abound experience Mr He Jinghua, took office as president of the company that use friend recently. The thing of numerous professional handler misfortune, cause give an issue: The future of professional handler how?

Foreign enterprise: The beauty of professional handler and but

In mental view of a lot of people, the foreign enterprise is professional handler it seems that " heaven " , accompanying mainland of the enterprise that cross a state to change a process to accelerate especially international economic system is blended in greatly after joining WTO with China, the professional handler development in the foreign enterprise prices is more bullish.

But the one side that this one view reflected an issue only. Undeniable, foreign enterprise level of management is tall, open the gender is strong, right cross culture admit and tolerate degree stronger, these conditions are objective the development that goes up to be able to promote professional handler really. However, we can not think the foreign enterprise is the heaven of professional handler accordingly. In fact, the profession of Chinese mainland

Handler may encounter 3 following problems in the foreign enterprise:

Growing ceiling lacks management own authority in China as a result of general foreign enterprise, its business and operation strategy all should be subject to and serve the integral interest at transnational corporation, accordingly, handler of a lot of professions can be come up against in the foreign enterprise " the ceiling that grow " . And can get in operation very big restrict, this also is the main reason that handler of profession of a lot of foreign enterprises leaves a foreign enterprise to convert a state-owend enterprise. In this respect, wu Shihong, Li Hansheng is typical delegate it seems that.

Cross culture to although handler of a lot of professions has more powerful acculturation force,conflict, but can produce a few conflict inevitably as a result of the difference of culture of China and foreign countries, make a few people suit thoroughly hard.

Achievement sense is not strong the allocation as a result of the interest the problem such as the mechanism, cause easily also " work " state of mind, affect their achievement feeling and enterprise thereby. Accordingly, the professional handler of outer look forward to leaves his post to do poineering work or be experienced to the state-owend enterprise " enterprise " passion became a very great temptation.