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Groom, why often go out of form

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More and more enterprises realise employee grooms right those who enhance company competition ability is important.

But of dynamic groom the job is begun rose, a good deal of funds is cast, the effect how?

The fact proves, if do not have to groom efficiently,manage mode, the backside of dynamic, probable it is to flow at the form.

D Inc. is a high-tech company that provides mobile network to settle integral program in the round, advocate business Wu is mixed for equipment of mobile network design, system development of terminal unit technology, net runs plan cost and shift the network such as wisdom network new business props up software development to wait. D company depends on actual strength of its banner science and technology 10 years, obtained favorable beneficial result, be on navigate position in communication industry at present.

The company has stuff more than 3500, professional technology personnel exceeds 70 % , among them 35 years old of the following young talented people occupy 89 % . Because the company belongs to burgeoning high-tech industry, controller of company high level realises the quality ability that increases staff quickly only is on the communication industry in the future adequately remain invincible. Accordingly, in last few years, company and provide quite famous spent Z grooms the company cooperates, organized a few times groom largely. A good deal of money is cast, the effect that can groom a few times is not ideal, does the reason where? From the following in two specific example may peek company before groom the problem that exists in the job.

Example 1: Xiaoli is the employee of D company. After skill that joins company organization grooms, small Li Duipei Ms. Wang says example chief: "I always make mistake when operating this heart to produce new machine, new machine operates so than me the stage is then much more complex. " Ms. Wang says " perhaps you have not master essentials completely. We offer groom even if help you can be competent this job. " Xiaoli refutes say: "That machine that can be the drilling in grooming and my this ' new weapon ' completely different! " . Have small Zhang Ying of technical ministry backbone additionally " my directly under boss does not support me to attend it seems that groom, assign new job to me ceaselessly during groom, make me essential static without time next hearts will attend class. Make me essential static without time next hearts will attend class..

Example 2: The company is employee in grooming a few times this people arranged the special function such as of all kinds production, sale, research and development and company culture and integrated ability respect groom course, administrator of the high level in be at the same time planned MBA course. From the point of the original intention of the company, the company hopes to raise level of the skill of employee, knowledge through these grooming, can groom had not begun, large quantities of old stuff in the enterprise do not play with respect to statement groom. Another is in charge of piece of groomed manager memory saying, they (old stuff) feel oneself such, never mind is good groom. Then or is pushed say the job is busy, or is flat ask sick leave, do not attend groom. Attend groomed employee a few more additionally to also act on the manner of the task that finish only, even some of employee thinks: "This kind grooms no more than is to take a cross the stage, form, should put a few days of holidays, had taken a rest. " this kind of circumstances makes the high level of the enterprise can'ts help complaining: "Good idea is couldn't get carry out " , "The company has intestinal obstruction " , "Many people read aloud my classics crooked " .