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Groom Yu Yan: "Bunny " can you become " natant champion " ?

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Be in the United States, have an allegorical story about the success, all the time by professional handler from mouth to mouth: To mix the mankind is euqally clever, the animal in the forest people open a school. Term begins the first day, came a lot of animals, have chickling, small duck, young bird, still have leveret, lamb, small squirrel. And the school offerred 5 course for them: Sing, dance, ran, climb and swim. Proclaim period of the ran on today when the teacher, small bunny agitato ran to make a round trip from stadium ground, say proudly: I can have done me to like the thing that do inherently! And see other puppy again, have those who pouting the mouth, have those who building a face. After school, leveret returns the home to say to mom, this school dishy! I liked too. The following day one big early, small bunny scamper about comes to the school. The teacher announces to the class swims on today, small duck also agitato one jump into water. The small bunny that fears water inherently became foolish eye, other puppy was done not have more action. Next, the 3rd day is to sing class, the 4th day is to climb class... subsequent case, can be guessed, each days of course in the school, puppy people always liked mixing does not like.

Comment on: China has an adage: As long as time is difficult, perseverance will prevail. Those who tell is to want unremitting only, can succeed certainly. However, iron beetle has the advantage of iron beetle, why must the perseverance will prevail? Even if expends time and work force wear needle, also cannot be a sharp and clinking good shot absolutely! A kind of thinking that this is the need breakthrough that Chinese front faces is decided situation. Traditional culture concept of China often encourages ground of people do one's best to go error correction fill a vacancy, in an attempt to is perfect be defined with this " progress " . And in fact, when people uses energy and time at offsetting weakness, be too busy to attend to increases and produce an advantage; More what is more,the rather that the deficiency of anybody is gotten more than ability much, and major deficiency cannot be made up for again. Small bunny is the stuff that learns to swim far from, although again assiduous it also won't become natant expert; Contrary, if train do sth in the proper way, it perhaps can become ran champion.