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Groom successful 10 old law

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1. Take seriously groom, plan and design to suit as actually as the enterprise with development groom system. From groom the design of course, groom of the plan draft and carry out, groom assess and evaluate of the effect wait for a respect to plan.

2. Build study organization. Study employee, study organization, it is the factor that competitive advantage has most in environment of prospective industry competition. Master advanced skill and skill through learning, the most important is, the ability of this kind of lifelong study can get used to the exterior competition environment of constant change.

3. Develop company culture. Company culture construction can raise the cohesive affinity of the enterprise, make hasten is the same as the core viewpoint of value of the viewpoint of value of employee and enterprise, assured company strategy thereby carry out have sufficient executive base.

4. Ceaseless brainwashing. If the thing is confirmed bequeath in the past is in the person's cerebra, want to add new content to appear difficult again. Very top now technician, if he does not learn a thing inside 5 years, can become the poorest technician. So, employee should have the capacity that learns new thing not only, and have even abandon the consciousness of old notion. Individual as the organization same, otherwise breaks brainwashing, undertake optimizing, the former appearance inside fixed and cleared cerebra reads aloud, regard as baby of a new student will install knowledge afresh.

5. Groom innovation. Groom a welfare that study is an enterprise only no longer, it has become the requisite with indispensable modern. Groom need to innovate more, hop especially the innovation of type, no matter be to make game, case delibrate, still be other form. The innovation of new economy times will bring tremendous money for the enterprise.

6. Groom the change of the thought. Do not want ground of first impressions are strongest to think the worker can be done only some simple, the job of repeatability, perhaps think to should let manage an ability to accept some more comprehensive management to groom, industry need grooms certainly afresh object and groom target.

7. Reform curricular system and teaching material system. On professional setting, should be competent according to quality of strategy of force level, company, enterprise run demand and employee quality current situation actually to undertake in time adjustment, the course with timely corresponding open.

8. Produce learn look forward to of collaboration, school hand in hand, make full use of the resource advantage of the college, drop a business groom devoted cost, be an enterprise groom coverall Wu.

9. Perfect qualificatory certification system. The company should think guide post attestation is made, qualification of hillock of exemple as above, post competency qualification, rising qualification, promote thereby groom the development of the career.