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Guangzhou homemaking serves the first brand

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Family of domestic treasure infant is protected teaching a company is the the most professional, normallest, most be at ease, capital actual strength is the most abundant, the advanced homemaking with service management the most perfect system serves a company. Basically be to face children family and children education worker, popularize the omnibus service orgnaization of advanced preschool education concept and breeding method, the company devotes oneself to promotion and outspread Mengtesuo the systematic service such as benefit education is managed. Serve ” of “ contemporary education at China every children family. Combine the forward position positive result that health care of international infant family teachs, the staff that makes to be engaged in keeping teaching and administrative staff undertakes systematic aggrandizement trains, groom complete a course is unified issue letter of complete a course. Recieve training accredits infant family after staff wind up one's studies, begin man-to-man children family health care and inchoate education work. Guangzhou homemaking serves China of the first brand first by Mengtaisuo of benefit association accredit protect teach a group to offer professional, safe, high quality, seasoned family to protect teach baby of teacher, Yo division, baby-sitter, chamberlain, lunar elder brother's wife and protect worker worker.
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