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Begin the brigade of his exploration when darling

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The person's lifetime is in establish ego. Darling quack drops the beginning of the is exploration momently then brigade of the ground. Pa Mom are certain " should protect darling " good apiration often the reason that ability of block up darling grows. Darling can harvest joy not just in probing a process, more harvest experience, self-confidence...

My home darling likes to put what thing in the mouth to bite, be afraid that he eats really into what dirty stuff, the darling that fasten the home also such?
My home darling can climb, can be him east climb climb climb on the west climb, be afraid that he hits in the end, plunge into in one's hand, true concern!
Father mother, ask you not to want too nervous I!

Exploration is the foundation of divisional ego and outside

Darling begins cognitive ego from divisional ego and outside.

The vision of the darling that just was born has smooth feeling only, the outside is muddleheaded only to him, 2 months ability looks attentively at bigger object, want generally speaking, ability considers the eyesight of darling adjacent full-fledged. To the darling that just was born, when his little hand still cannot grasp fist, the small mouth that sucks grandma juice only is stronger, the mouth with the so strongest sentience is darling exploration world " the first weapon " .

The finger that darling bites him, his meeting feels painful; Bite the dress on him body, although have oneself temperature, but can not feel painful. At this moment he knew, can feel " painful " , be " I " , it is him darling; Won't feel painful, be " the outside " . Darling likes to bite a thing, bite oneself, it is to be in will affirm through this kind of means " oneself " .

When darling after satiate have one's sleep out, to live better, deal with the environment all round better, can pass initiative type ground to explore, be abounded gradually and perfect oneself cognitive structure. Darling contacts all sorts of things, experience different stimulation, be in repeat ceaselessly, conditional reflex is built in the process of aggrandizement. Famous psychologist Pi Yajie thinks: "Discover a kind of such real education actively, should grow up than the requirement apparently according to established volitional act, go according to off-the-peg truth the sort of cognitive education is brillant much. " exploration of darling willingness ground is not absolutely apparently looked insignificant amuse oneself, learning however. Father mother is asked great encourage and assist, and do not force oneself idea on darling body.

Do not prevent darling to explore instinct

The manner that foreign parent treats darling to explore the world is what kind of, more classic example is that " eat unripe dumpling " story.
The darling that does not understand when what, grab the unripe dumpling that just had wrapped on the desk is about to go to when sending in the mouth, be in aside the meaning that adult a bit did not want to prevent him, "Helplessly " the ground looks at darling to send the unripe dumpling that does not have a law to eat into the mouth, looked at darling to spit dumpling again next come out. "Had eaten, he does not know delicious. " foreign parent thinks so namely.