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0 years old of darling, you want what to say

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"Really interesting, my home darling squeezes an eye to me today! " " my darling often loves shout these days, what to know melon of his cerebella bag is thinking? " to new mother, the biggest glad look at darling each days to have new change namely, he can laugh, his meeting make a face, he made a new act again. But this also is new mother's greatest tangle: He cried, be hungry is was being stranded still ill? How does he often love to hit quite, what trouble can you have? What meaning is he often makes this kind of motion? ...

Do not see darling still won't talk, actually, cerebella bag melon of the family does not have at a loose end really, you look, he brandish is worn small arm crus greeting sb with you, he is communicating with his vivid expression and you. New mother but must not the language of this kind of limbs of oversight darling, this is your clever darling is using the body and you to talk! Understood his special limbs language, mom just can make proper response --

The language of 7 kinds of posture of darling model:

The darling of 4 months

Lie on the bed him Yi prattles ah the ground plays, abrupt, the movement of darling stopped, eyeball also looks in disorder everywhere no longer, staring at a place only however, it is normal to passed a little while to restore again.

Darling thinks expressive meaning: I am saying happily, laugh, but I am playing to playing to remember a thing suddenly, I was stupefied to think a little while, it is not quite clear to can think, play then.

The response that mom should make: If darling is being stared at only,he is when one place looks some were stranded, there is not murmur in the home at that time, let darling fall asleep gradually below quiet environment.

The darling of 6 months

When be asleep, sob gently, but the eye still is being shut sleep. The sound that sobs later greatens slowly, the body also begins to move rise, open an eye suddenly finally, and wow wow cry greatly.

Darling thinks expressive meaning: I do not know where is very painful, I am very tired, but I sleep to be not worn,become aware, mom helps me quickly!

The response that mom should make: If darling was asleep to still be behaved such uneasiness are staticly, be darling begins to feel uncomfortable, want unlock dress check to look up at that time, looking is the dress is worn too closely or quilt heavy panel lets darling feel uncomfortable. If remove this kind of condition, can feed some of grandma to darling, holding in the arms fool, darling became hungry or daydreamed, cry likely be troubled by.

The darling of 7 months

When darling is sitting, both hands holds high, exert all one's strength to extension forward, cerebella bag is slanting, small mouth close lightly is gotten closely, small body also is held out continuously straight.

Darling thinks expressive meaning: I want mom to hold in the arms, I want that toy, but how I also am less than quite, who will help me, if again nobody manages I I cry, I am about to hold to not know clearly, I can be borne all the time.