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The Mu Ying of full of mystery concerns

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Psychological world of the person not is measured mysteriously, the infant's psychology is a mystery more unintelligible, the interior induction ability that only the baby of a few months concerns to Mu Ying lets person exclaim unceasingly.

The examination does not give the abdominal pain of the reason

Ai Ersha is a French girl with 3 only big months, can be troubled by collywobbles ten times everyday, produce ache likely with night by day, every time at this moment she is so afflictive that she make a round trip twist body, cry be troubled by more than, accompany vomiting, do not have diarrhoea however. All and necessary examination was done, assume the damage of He Qi qualitative sex without discovery however, be the physiology disease that psychological element causes? Her mom loves her very much apparently, what psychology difficult problem can so little baby still have?

The diagnosis of children psychiatrist

Paediatrics doctor cannot diagnose Ai Ersha's cause of disease really, transmit her to children psychiatrist horse to fill in went over there · Professor Lu Fu. In the room of separate meeting, the maternal nag that Professor Lu Fu listens to Ai Ersha and child illness " have nothing to do " housekeeping. This mother has one young son before, also be to be when 3 months are big, because of heart deformation vomiting is more than, gone finally. Conceived Ai Ersha again later, after the daughter is born, the husband leaves her and go. She says her mother never also has seen her father, period of time is detested take food, and oneself grandmother is grown in front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage likewise. What Ai Ersha's vomiting lets her remember his now is familial with young son, fatalistic shadow is enveloping psychological world of Ai Ersha.

Professor Lu Fu chats from the mother of the angle of psychology of pedigree of a clan and Ai Ersha, of course Ai Ersha also is in the spot. He says, when the baby is having society with parents, its observation, comprehension and feedback ability are head and shoulders above adult imagination. Like be aware of the behavior psychology feature that gives a baby very easily like mother or father, the baby is aware of the behavior psychology feature that gives mother or father very easily also. For instance, he can discern in numerous sound the voice that gives father and mother, discern in numerous odour the taste that gives father and mother, although he does not know father mother, but he is judged accurately going out is mom holds him in the arms, still be father holds him in the arms, because they can identify the strength that gives mom and father arm and angle of bend to spend, use oneself then bend forward body means is adjusted as far as possible comfortable sitting position. These message that the baby communicates associate outside to collect can discern other is crude gentle still, especially the the most primitive, can most obscure psychology on body of intercept grow upping is secret.