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0 years old of human intelligence

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Do not know you to whether had encountered such little baby: You laugh to him, he also laughs; You are right his make a face, he still laughs, he won't because fear stranger and the bosom that hides bashfully into mom. The expert thinks: This has a kind of of darling of advantage of human intelligence a priori explicit show namely actually. The person is the person of sociality, learn be used to and various person contact with as a child, to the intelligence of darling development has very great help. Accordingly, want to foster a clever darling, cannot ignore the education of human intelligence absolutely. Teach proposal of heart of expert Liu hard gold early you from the following 3 steps will begin, will 0 - 1 year old darling makes future " human ace " .

Understanding baby is human intelligence develops a characteristic

0-1 year old period, the human intelligence of darling develops, relatively at other intelligence development character, it is later, and unlike is other intelligence (be like: Body movement intelligence) can pass pure stimulation (the training of certain movement) can get promotion. Notable is: The development of the development of human intelligence and other intelligence is mutual connection, interaction, intelligence of limbs motion, music, language has very big effect to human intelligence, especially the stimulation of infant period language moves action to the move since human intelligence is pushed tremendously. Accordingly, 0-1 year old the education of human intelligence wants darling to be united in wedlock with the promotion of other intelligence.

Does darling have human and congenital advantage?

Every darling has his intelligent advantage, some baby are very little the human advantage intelligence that shows an a priori, you might as well attentive observation is the following respect, whether does the baby that watchs you have human advantage intelligence:

Congenital and idiosyncratic 1: Darling not be shy with strangers. See stranger won't be alarmed, fear, also do not cry be troubled by, be full of curiosity instead.

Congenital and idiosyncratic 2: Like to watch adult every act.

Congenital and idiosyncratic 3: Love laugh, like to see adult countenance changes, like to interact with the person, congenial.

Congenital and idiosyncratic 4: When seeing other darling, he can be stood by actively, want to contact, play together with him.

Game promotes human intelligence

Have the baby with human and idiosyncratic a priori, build good human intelligence more easily, but the darling that this does not mean human without a priori dominant position cannot be built. Mr. Liu Yu heart thinks, want to pass proper human game training only, the human intelligence of darling can get good promotion. Conduce to namely below 0 - 1 year old the sport that darling human intelligence promotes:

Game 1 : Look in the mirror

Game action: Pass specular understanding and the expression that watch a person.