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System of overall and good social security still treats condition of Liaoning ob

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China's most fundamental national condition is a person much, one of the most serious economic society problems are obtain employment. Liaoning affects the province with the heaviest old industry base and urban population larger proportion as planned economy, obtain employment problem is highlighted especially and important. Sampling investigation was 1% population of countrywide to understood state of Liaoning population obtain employment to provide the data of full and accurate deep 2005.

1% population of countrywide sampled 2005 investigation data is computative make clear: 25 years on November 1, population of of the right age of complete province working (point to 1 6 year old reach above population) 35.6 million person, 84.36% what occupy total population. Complete province obtain employment is led (obtain employment population reachs above population with 16 years old than) for 62.69% , unemployment rate (of unemployed population and economic activity population than, obtain employment population and unemployed population the sum are economic activity population) 6.94% , labour force is participated in rate (economic activity population reachs above population with 16 years old than) 67.37% . The obtain employment of town population is led 53.66% , unemployment rate 10.89% , labour force is participated in rate 60.22% . As old industry base revitalize, the state that overall condition has presented Liaoning obtain employment, obtain employment population increases, proportion of personnel of tertiary industy obtain employment rises, town unemployment rate drops, population of blame economy activity decreases; But obtain employment pressure is greater still, social security system still remains to perfect.

, obtain employment state is analysed

Obtain employment population shows 16 years old reach above accord with in population the following the population of two conditions: (1) is investigating standard time before inside a week, was engaged in the labor of above to gain income one hour; (Because 2) is on-the-job off, study, temporarily shutdown or seasonal the reason such as close a business is in temporarily inside investigation week did not work condition, but have working unit or place. State of obtain employment of population of complete 2005 province presents the following feature:

1, amount of obtain employment population increases ceaselessly, obtain employment pressure still very greatly

Second investigation is accordingly computative, on November 1, 2005, population of complete province obtain employment 23.98 million person, with the 5th times countrywide census photograph was compared 2000, add 1.82 million person, grow 8.2% . The main reason that obtain employment population increases is to enter working age population over exit be caused by of working age population. 2000 ― 2005, complete province enters working age population to make an appointment with 3.25 million person, exit working age population to make an appointment with 1.98 million person, both differ 1.27 million person, still have population of Liaoning of provincial clean ingoing in addition 400 thousand person of about 30 ―, this part person basically is in obtain employment condition. But, because amplitude of working age population is bigger, the obtain employment post that the society can offer is finite, make obtain employment rate falls somewhat, by 2000 65.64% drop 62.69% , drop 2.95 percent.