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How does postpartum and long-term haemorrhage do?

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How does postpartum and long-term haemorrhage do?

Some puerperas labor many days 20, many days 30, many days 40, even the vagina after many days 70 still is bleeding often, is this normal phenomenon? Some people think this is Yu blood not clear, should let it pour out of as far as possible; Some people think this is menstruation, do this arrive low how be to return a responsibility?
Postpartum the blood that sheds from the vagina, it is the one part of systemic blood, either " Yu blood " , letting it flow is to have to the body damage. Below normal circumstance, gules lochia should be in 10 days, at latest inside half month. If lochia returns be red after half month, it is abnormal phenomenon. How should do so?
Usually, stimulative uterus is contractive but impaction blood-vessel reduces haemorrhage, and the optimal way with stimulative contractive uterus is to allow a lying-in woman feed baby. If lactation still does not stop to bleed, that is about to accept first aid of the following method: 
① vein drop is noted expedite child delivery element contracts with stimulating an uterus. 
② uterus is massaged (massage next abdomen) fluid of make water of your bladder serum drainage.

If still do not get effective, the doctor is about to check below:
① vagina is checked. Sometimes uterine bottom or cervix place have hematic clot, cloggy uterus is contractive, take hematic clot, the uterus can contract.
② checks hematin (haemoglobin) with corpuscular density. If haemoglobin passes low or blood stream still more than, blood pressure has dropped low when, be about blood transfusion.
③ vagina, cervix or uterine injury also are the common element of flooding.
④ placental remains still stays inside the uterus.
So above circumstance, instantly go to a doctor, do not get incur loss through delay.