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Window of obtain employment of river of branch of province of the Hubei in sprin

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From " spring breeze acts " , " again obtain employment helps the move " , to " greet 38 hurried obtain employment " activity of special performance invite applications for a job, obtain employment of branch river city again obtain employment good fun links a station, since this year obtain employment again confused of obtain employment window is shown.

Town increases obtain employment newly the number exceeds plan

Whole town increases staff of town obtain employment newly 3480 people, of task of the annual that finish 58% . Personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty again obtain employment 1734 people, of task of the annual that finish 51% , help 654 among them " 4050 " personnel came true again obtain employment, community finds a place for difficult personnel 174 people, of task of the annual that finish 50% . For unemployment of come off sentry duty personnel provides " again obtain employment accommodation paper " 839, for unemployment of hillock of 815 under one's name personnel derate duty expends 6.19 million yuan, for derate of personnel of unemployment of hillock of 912 under one's name all sorts of administrative career sexes collect fees 1.61 million yuan. Extend for 118 people small assure loan 2.37 million yuan.

Duty interpose activity is much the effect is good

Whole town begins " 12345 " activity, created favorable environment for urban and rural obtain employment. Spring breeze acts, with ground of labour force output two ground interact, 3 times rural service is outputted, 4 hire invite applications for a job, 5 countries labor is investigated. On Feburary 15, 2006, organize this city the invite applications for a job of rural woman show intended for a limited audience that 380 countries woman entered 8 enterprises to save the branch such as the Women's Federation to be held in Yichang negotiates meeting, invite applications for a job of 8 businesses scene 1100 more than person. With this city the Women's Federation holds " greet 38 hurried obtain employment " activity, enter the arena apply for rural woman 830 people. The woman director of 198 villages of whole town is hired to be rural labor move to groom the member that obtain employment serves message. Go out to give the person that Wu is versed in provides better service, still held water " branch river city goes out federation of peasant labor labor " , go out for more than 13000 peasant industry provided labour union membership card. Since this year, labor of whole town country crosses area obtain employment to add 3500 more than person newly, work among them sectional organization changes 1876 people.

Improve quality early start work, skill grooms close to obtain employment

Spring Festival around, the member that work of branch river town and social security bureau cooperate municipal Party committee to organize education of advanced sex of ministry, city to do the Labour Party of pair of the farmer that return country undertakes grooming, offer for 800 Party members that return country " mental nutrition " , got central advanced sex teachs the high opinion that do. Later, they early start work, begin actively go out the farmer is versed in obtain employment grooms, groom the number reachs 2800 people. Besides, this bureau still is in start a brand, pay characteristic fluctuation time, lay a foundation to begin skill project to groom, will groom major is on foundation of original computer, dress, spin, chemical industry added newly " 3 gorge are electrical engineering " , " branch river chef " wait for skill major. Groom the effect and quality get the society is agreed with. Only " sunshine project " groom, pass province government smoothly " sunshine project " the examination of the office is checked and accept, be awarded by Yichang city " sunshine project is advanced unit " . Up to now, already groomed student 2752 people, the annual that finish grooms the task counts 42% .