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In the light of Dalian unemployment the investigation of personnel obtain employ

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Community cadre put oneself out of the way digs hillock to unit of area under administration, but unemployment personnel has a few however " choose whatever is to one's personal advantage "

Pay safeguard and obtain employment idea let unemployed personnel would rather also not be willing to come true in home at a loose end again the investigation that obtain employment is aimed at unemployed personnel obtain employment shows majority male worker worker thinks lady of sound the night watches wishs to sign up for reporter Lu Zhenzhen when timing cost a few days ago, bai Yun is street the unit of area under administration of day pool community 100 million amount to a company to make a telephone call to community, say to want to let community give the introduction a few people, to them odd a member that do Bao Jie, working hours from early 5 when arrive 21 when, work one day to rest one day, salary every months 500 yuan. But sought circuit person, day pool community is responsible again obtain employment works do Liu Caihua to embarrass however only, she says: "I showed a case with a few unemployed personnel inside area under administration early or late, but these unemployed personnel nobody is willing to do this work. Some disrelishs time too long, some saying that pay is too low. Ground of our work laboriously looks for post, in the end is to have post however unmanned. "

To resolve the difficulty of family of 0 obtain employment, the branch traverses Dalian city related each all sorts of channel apply for a job for unemployed personnel, come true again obtain employment, assure to there is one person on guard at least in the home. However, the reporter is in Dalian city many street had statistic, discover each are street it is an unit with community, hillock is dug in unit of area under administration, post has now many, but a few unemployed personnel are not willing because of all sorts of reasons however obtain employment. Community cadre is not carried do not choose, assure mount guard

This year Sun Fang of 46 years old (alias) live in Xi Gang area to wind hill way 98. 2003 after come off sentry duty, domesticity is very difficult. She finds day pool community, the hope can help seek a job. Community does Liu Caihua to contact the unit that use worker worker instantly only, sought job of a homemaking to her, the following day Sun Fang with respect to mount guard, her job is to patronize the old person that is in the home alone. She had sent heretofore two old people, the children of the old person also gave very high opinion to her. A few days ago, liu Caihua looked for a baby-sitter to work to her again, sun Fang mount guard. She says: "Community assures to me, should not carry only do not choose, very fast can mount guard. I do this job to have experience now, and living conditions also got very big improvement. "

He Sunfang is same, each community has do not carry not less do not choose implementation again the person of obtain employment. The road that circle hill 22 Li Lan (alias) after the divorce, oneself are taking the child to pass. Below the help of community, she did Bao Jie to work in unit of area under administration, every months 500 yuan of salary. She feels to still have time redo part-time job, community helped her find the job that bathes to the old person weekend again. Li Lan works very well now.