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Again obtain employment should first consideration off-duty workers

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Current, worker come off sentry duty and again the heat that obtain employment is attention of social public opinion. The matter of come off sentry duty of worker of current and state-owned company is very complex, because run difficulty,the adjustment of structure of the change that is like economic system, economy perhaps has some of company, must cut down the member of persons employed etc, accordingly, worker come off sentry duty is not individual reason commonly.

To find a place for personnel of unemployment of town come off sentry duty, alleviate town obtain employment is difficult, each city was made a few promote again the favourable policy of obtain employment, obtain employment goes into town to also try to restrict to peasant worker worker in the meantime. The criticism that these policy measure encounter many people and accusing, think policy of this kind of obtain employment is inequitable, it is factitious ground differentiates to labour force grade, block up the labour market is changed, go against break structure of urban and rural and binary economy. This kind of viewpoint, from long-term look, natural not without the truth. But the author thinks to look from situation of current obtain employment, implement policy of differential obtain employment temporarily, it is have to sensible choice.

From the society stable angle looks, want to maintain social stability, the key is urban stability, reduce a city effective unemployment rate, it is the premise with stable city. Go into town peasant worker worker is in the prime of one's life, intelligent and capable kid more, than the age the big, off-duty workers that does not have professional skill is having clear competitive advantage. Below this kind of circumstance, if do not have the protection of favourable policy, off-duty workers again obtain employment comes true hard almost. Accordingly, the author thinks to answer of first consideration off-duty workers again obtain employment, to the farmer labour is restricted somewhat. But this is policy merely tilt and not be to enforce to drive worker worker of 80 million peasant return country, backwater labour force communicates. Its are in obtain employment difficulty obtain employment post gives part of larger inland city move the off-duty workers nevertheless as a result, peasant work place is broken finite, and the off-duty workers is benefited greatly.