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How to prevent postpartum anal fissure

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How to prevent postpartum anal fissure

Some puerpera happy event eat the hot sex such as meat of hotpot, dog, Jiang Shang and hot food, do not eat for long or eat vegetable, fruit rarely, add puerpera lie in bed to rest, vivid momentum decreases, alvine peristalsis is decelerated, defecate of as a result passes in the retention period inside alvine path long, moisture is absorbed and too dry, callous, defecate is difficult. Moreover, postpartum abdominal muscle is flabby, pelvic cavity pressure is reduced suddenly, rectum atonies easy also
Make defecate lay aside stays, produce constipation thereby. Once appear constipation, if forcibly untangle, cause anal fissure very easily namely. The method that prevents anal fissure is: Postpartum have bed activity as early as possible. The person that labor naturally is postpartum 1 ~ can get up 2 days activity, light activity can have first when getting up first, if carry leg, situp, shrink anus, ability of this straight to enhancing an abdomen flesh, exercise pelvic muscle, help defecate, restore health very good part. Outside be being fed except the meat or fish with rich nutrition in puerpera cookbook, answer to eat some of fresh vegetable, fruit to wait more appropriately, in order to increase defecate size; Eat less or do not eat hot sex, hot food, have piscine soup, pig hoof boiling water more, help lubricant bowel path and compensatory and enough moisture, in case constipation. Remedial method of constipation is very much: 1, paraffin oil 30 milliliter, take, after be being taken in the morning, afternoon but defecate. 2, phenolphthalein 100 milligram, the 6 ~ after taking 8 hours but defecate. 3, open a place of strategic importance to show, insert rectum of impact of anus general medicaments, 10 ~ 20 minutes can defecate. Anyhow, prevent postpartum constipation, it is the crucial place that prevents postpartum anal fissure. Once produce constipation, answer to be treated in time, avoid by all means forcibly defecate.