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Wholesome habit of the puerpera and disease prevent

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Wholesome habit of the puerpera and disease prevent

In one day of October be pregnant labors, its happy situation is self-evident, but in joyance did not forget to notice to prevent disease of department of gynaecology. Should do good the following:
One, the anteroom of good recreational environment lying-in woman must clean and quiet, indoor airiness, sunny. Burning hot season should prevent heatstroke, winter burner warms oneself should prevent carbon monoxide toxic.
2, reasonable food is postpartum the first day of appropriate eats delicate digestible food, can eat common food later, food should |contain a lot of nutrition, can provide enough quantity of heat and moisture content. Lactation puerpera more appropriate eats high protein and soup juice food more, the attention does not want partiality for a particular kind of food.
3, the habits and customs with good nurturance is postpartum encourage a puerpera to see pass water oneself, postpartum two hours are reached should help puerpera micturition, prevent retention of urine. Should urge a lying-in woman as early as possible activity, eat vegetable more, pass because of lie in bed in case long, abdominal muscle is flabby, alvine peristalsis is abate cellulose is lacked in reaching food and produce constipation.
4, notice clean and wholesome puerpera perspires much, ying Qin changes underwear and clothes, warm water of every daily expense brushs bath, but should prevent catch cold catch cold. After relieve oneself is being reached before anteprandial, lactation, should insist to wash one's hands. Notice private part is clean, postpartum 4 prohibit inside week tub, the vulva can use warm boiled water or the fluid of tall fierce acerbity Potassium of 5000 swabs 1 ∶ , daily 2-3 second. Menstrual mat often should change, maintain vulva cleanness and dry, precaution hurts the happening of an infection and vulva vaginitis. Notice the color of vaginal secretion and odour, if labor,one week later secretion still is red and quantity much or have a stink, placental or caul remain is intercurrent inside the antrum that fasten palace palace antrum affects be caused by, answer to see a doctor in time.
5, of lactation and breast nurse the mother insists to press the principle that wants nurse when lacteal feed, should master accurate lactation method. Want those who notice a tit to nurse next. Again, if the defect inside the tit should be pulled gradually,pull, lest affect galactic platoon air.
6, inchoate activity and postpartum gymnastics restore to conduce to physical strength, stomachic, stimulative micturition reachs defecate, avoid or reduce vein circumfluence not free and lobar embolism, should strive for at an early date activity. The person that vaginal nature labors, can get up in postpartum 6-12 hour a little activity, postpartum the 2nd day can optional activity; The person that vaginal be difficult to do or analyse palace are produced, can be in postpartum the 3rd day begins, personnel is protected to assist next getting out of bed in cure activity. Restore to conduce to abdomen and basin heart muscle, stimulative posture recovers from an illness, reduce celiac wall flabby, prevent uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, should do postpartum gymnastics.