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After noticing to produce, have a fever

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After noticing to produce, have a fever

Postpartum having a fever is an important matter, do not think to just have a headache to the head is heated up and overlook. The puerpera is inside 24 hours when just had given birth to the child, can have a fever centigrade 38 degrees, but after this, the temperature of any moment should be normal. If have,have a fever, must make a thorough investigation of reason, deal with appropriately. Breast bilges to have a fever possibly, but eduction of the juice that follow a grandma, temperature will drop. If suckle juice eduction hind still not allay a fever, may be other reason.
Fevered the commonnest cause is childbed infection. Because puerpera physical strength compares equal equation of time, have again bleed, uterine mouth is loose, originally some bacteria or foreign microbe are in the vagina easily when having blood, cause, and change is mixed to the uterus tubal. At this moment lochia has taste, abdomen has tenderness, if cure is not seasonable, the likelihood turns for chronic pelvic infection, do not heal for a long time. The bacterium with big noxiousness, cause dangerous peritonitis or septicemia possibly still.
Another when have a fever common cause is mastitis, can have a fever centigrade 39 degrees of above, the breast has the nugget with red painful heat. Begin feasible hot compress, with Chinese traditional medicine and bacteriophage. Be like already fester, be about operation cure. Mastitis often is galactic apply piece not free, inside mammary gland smolder is agglomerate, have gap plus the tit, the bacterium raids the disaster of occasion. So antenatal should wash nipple, postpartum should knead medicinal powder " grandma piece " remedial tit breach, usable also breast pump helps a breast, "Nip in the bud " .