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Beware " month of confinement after giving birth to a child is sick "

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Beware " month of confinement after giving birth to a child is sick "

"Confinement disease is called on " medicine childbed infection, meaning is very wide, all wraparound is in in puerperium, as a result of the inflammation that genital official is affected and causes. The bacterium that cause disease may be in antenatal, when producing or around is invaded from the outside, likely also early with respect to body of consist in puerpera inside. But childbed infection happens, main decision at the puerpera local the defense ability with the whole body. Every is produced have have anaemic, hidebound, gravid hypertension is asked for integratedly or other disease; The nutrition when producing and water portion complement are insufficient, produce Cheng to lengthen, when producing postpartum and exsanguine overmuch puerpera, because systemic resistance is weakened, get childbed infection easily. Still caul is defeated early, antenatal haemorrhage, produce the puerpera that cracks injury, placenta to stop, as a result of reproductive path local change is helpful for a bacterium inbreak reach evil to be born, produce childbed easily also to affect.
What childbed affects is initiative affect to achieve a face. The cracks an injury to become a bacterium all likely to inbreak portal of perineal, vagina and palace neck, and placenta comes off the face is the good place with bacterial strange evil more. Outside the infection achieving a face that removes limit, the bacteria still can spread via lymphatic, blood-vessel or spread directly, cause an uterus inside, the connective tissue other the uterus phlebitis of sex of phlogistic, thrombus, peritonitis, even bacterium and septicemia.
Childbed infection is light person the influence is healthy, endanger life again, accordingly, must beware, pregnant puerpera should notice with a few respects:
Antenatal corrects anaemia, compensatory nutrition, the infection kitchen range that be in is put on dispel body as far as possible; Gravid and final two months stop all vaginal treatment, especially the vagina is rinsed; Pregnancy avoids sexual intercourse, should abstain from more inside two months finally especially, also cannot tub.
After the about to give birth when producing, should make the best of time to rest, take food as far as possible and water; If food absorbs inadequacy, must accept vein complement.
Postpartum and postpartum sweat is much, the private parts has lochia to be poured out of ceaselessly again, because this must notice clean sanitation. Divide outside bathe and wiping a body, must wash cleanse vulva with warm boiled water everyday 1 ~ 2, it is especially after defecate. Sanitary towel is changed frequently. Between puerperium, special in lochia have not clean when, cannot make love absolutely, accordingly when in the uterus achieve a face to have not cicatrization, sexual intercourse can take a bacterium to make uterine agnail, also can make ungodliness of lochia dripping wet. Besides, perineal the scar that cracks with the vagina still new, premature sexual intercourse causes ache necessarily, split even and affect.