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Mammary gland jams can bring about mastitis

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Mammary gland jams can bring about mastitis

In lactation, if the breast forms lump content, have aching feeling, as a result of,the likelihood is mammary gland by thick stiff galactic stemmed. When galactic flow stops in mammary some part when, the likelihood also can bring about mastitis. If partial breast appears glowing, strut, and ache, and companion has have a fever symptom, got mastitis very likely. Continueing to nurse at this moment is very important, because this is OK dredge mammary gland, at this moment galactic remain safety to the child. It is with hot wet towel apply before nurse on the breast, continue to be nursed to the child, nurse with aching breast especially, should make child magnify mouth contains lacteal dizzy part (the partial) with tit nigrescent upper part. Bump is massaged gently when nurse, use finger to be massaged to tit direction from bump, this can help the mammary gland that dredge jams. Commutation nurses a pose in order to make galactic pour out of from each parts of the breast. If cannot be nursed, can use hand or breast pump galactic crowded come out. Must maintain the mammary gland that dredge of galactic ability of going from place to place jams. Wear comfortable dress, rest more as far as possible.

Below most circumstance, mastitis is in 24 can improve in the hour. If have a fever more than 24 hours, the consideration uses antibiotic treatment, penicillin a bit of vein of 8 million unit, use consecutively 5 ~ 10 days. If be opposite penicillin is allergic, usable erythromycin 500mg, everyday 4, use consecutively 10 days. If have a fever,can use paracetamol. Treating while, still should continue to make milk flows, will suckle with hand or breast pump epispastic.