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What is a mother lacteal sex is icteric, answer how to nurse

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What is a mother lacteal sex is icteric, answer how to nurse

Mother milk sex is icteric, just as its name implies, because the baby is fed,be what foster mother breeds and appear is icteric. Thought the mother breeds the baby of feed has 1% ~ only about in the past 2% can appear mother milk sex is icteric, but be taken seriously gradually as a result of this disease in recent years, border incidence of a disease is actually likely this is worth outclass. Sex of milk of document report mother is icteric learn to go up in the pathogeny can take a new life 82.7% icteric.

Mother milk sex is icteric can divide for early hair style and late hair style, because hair cause of disease is the β in breeding as a result of this kind of mother - enzymatic content of glucoside of dextrose aldehydic acid is much, active tall, in making infantile bilirubin in bowel, absorb again increase and cause icteric. When the new student open a grandma late, intake is insufficient, when alvine peristalsis decreases, β - glucoside of dextrose aldehydic acid is enzymatic combinative bilirubin is decomposed in alvine path, reductive to did not combine bilirubin, latter is sucked easily to take in again by small intestine blood circulation, aggravating and icteric.

The characteristic with early icteric hair style: Sex of milk of mother of early hair style is icteric easy by negligence, because icteric occurrence time and rush hour and physiology sex are icteric similar, be in namely the 2 ~ after be born appear 3 days, and at the 4th ~ 6 days the most apparent, be in next the two subsidise inside week, but the highest value of bilirubin gives birth to reason more than icteric.

The characteristic with late icteric hair style: Be said mother milk sex is icteric and general normally all point to this model. Occurrence time is later, often happen after back-to-back physiology sex is icteric, as icteric as physiology sex jackknife and do not retreat continuously; Yi Ke is giving birth to reason icteric the accentuation after reducing, often be in namely the 7 ~ after be born appear 14 days, 2 ~ reach a peak 3 weeks, bilirubin can amount to 342 μ Mol/L (20mg/dl) , 4 ~ 12 week hind drop.

Early hair style is icteric as icteric as late hair style comparison

Late hair style of   of   of   of early hair style
The 7 ~ after   of 3 days of   gives birth to the 2 ~ after   of icteric occurrence time is unripe 14 days
The 2 ~ after   of 6 days of   gives birth to the 4 ~ after   of icteric rush hour is unripe 3 weeks
The 4 ~ after   of   of   of   of two weeks of   gives birth to   of icteric subsidise time 12 week hind

Icteric baby stops mother milk sex mother milk feed 2 ~ after 3 days, icteric drop apparently namely, borrow this to be able to be diagnosed certainly, 3 days can remove a parent without the person that reduce apparently lacteal sex is icteric. Restore mother milk feed again, bilirubin can be spent gently rise, but won't taller than before. The baby is divided icteric outside, general position is good, grow growth is normal. Sex of diagnostic mother milk is icteric what should eliminate haemolysis, infection, hepatitis to ask for the other reason such as closedown of the path that reach bravery integratedly to cause is icteric.