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Confinement in childbirth listens to still listen to a doctor of the mother-in-l

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Does confinement in childbirth listen to still listen to a doctor of the mother-in-law?

Daughter-in-law is in the home " confined " , "A n experienced person " the mother-in-law is authoritative, the doctor uses scientific eye, scientific point of view goes explain and admonishing how should be daughter-in-law done, so, still listen to a doctor what listen to a mother-in-law after all?

Does environmental door window close tight is gift nice?
Mother-in-law: Unripe child the back of a person fictitiouses, cannot see wind, especially in the winter, I always close door window those who get severe tight fact.
Doctor: The room that the puerpera sleeps wants Xia Liang of quiet, clean He Dongnuan. No matter wintry summer, the window often should leave, make indoor air fresh. Hot weather should notice airiness more, suffer heatstroke easily otherwise.

Time " confinement " be 30 days?
Mother-in-law: "Confined " nature is a month after unripe little kid, 30 days, this is convention.
Doctor: Actually, through the adjustment of a month, a lot of organs can not get the body recover from an illness completely. On modern medicine " confinement " call " puerperium " , point to unripe postpartum 42 days.

Can dietary fruit eat?
Mother-in-law: Should fill greatly for certain, I often do egg of heart of soup of chicken broth, fish, omelette, candy to wait to daughter-in-law, do not want to eat to also want to forcing take a place, or how to fill to come over? "Confined " avoid is unripe, cold, acerbity, hot. The fruit had better eat less, it is good that nevertheless summer eats bit of watermelon pretty.
Doctor: Nutrition is compensatory the most important is balanced, big like big fish pulp is this kind of high protein, expensive adipose food should eat more admittedly, but mineral also should complement appropriately with the vitamin, the fruit contains a vitamin to abound, can eat 100 grams left and right sides everyday.

Rest is sleeping meddlesome more?
Mother-in-law: Unripe child is the work with hard pretty, want to rest more, had better not go out inside a month, lie to sleep more more, ability restores vitality.
Doctor: Two days of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces become the head well lie in bed rests, if the lying-in woman with good body feels exhaustion has been eliminated, postpartum 24 hours can get up. Sleep much can pile up more adipose, the refreshment of postpartum body, "Confinement " period motion is the most crucial.

Does sanitation brush his teeth is do up one's hair met go to the bad?
Mother-in-law: "Confinement " in have can brush his teeth, brush haemorrhage of vi babble gum to be able to fall next teeth are ill; Cannot shampoo, bathe, do up one's hair, tonsorial, can fall to have a headache ill.
Doctor: "Confinement " during the puerpera does not bathe for a long time, not shampoo, virus, bacteria is caused, cause a disease more easily. Do not brush his teeth to contract tooth disease easily.