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Traditional postpartum 9 big contraindication are opposite still is wrong

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Traditional postpartum is 9 big contraindication are opposite still wrong?

So much traditional no-no no more than is to hope to during the puerpera can use confinement in childbirth, rest well, let the body recover from an illness as soon as possible, if completely inobservant each confined principle, so lumbar acerbity backache, have a headache wait for sequela to be able to be shown later likely.
Tradition and now between hard to avoid meets some conflict, but those circulate long already view is to have stated reason, offspring person need not cause conflict completely for these things and elder, might as well go doing according to what elder says, be overcome really, on the sly is broken break rules, do not want disappoint elder member of family people a good intention.

One, no-no one: Avoid bathing shampoo
Do not bathe, the reason of shampoo, the wool stoma that is the whole body after passing because of production can be stretched, include scalp, if during confinement in childbirth shampoo, may make scalp skin brief and anoxic, and cause the sequela that can have splitting headache, after afraid still and frail lying-in woman is bathing, contact cold air and produce a cold; And if the body suffers Leng Ke,can meet those who affect lochia to eliminate.

Some experts suggest, the puerpera can use 100 boiling water (the left and right sides boils 3 minutes again after water is boiled) , put cool control to 40 degrees, add a cup of officinal alcohol next, bedew of reused wool towel cleanses the whole body clean, the hair also is such, the disinfection that uses alcohol, volatilize the effect, oily dirty purify. Have some of person or can bathe during confinement in childbirth, shampoo, but still should remember taking bath to want to blow the hair at once dry, do not want catch a cold.

2, no-no 2: Avoid hair drier, avoid goes out
Puerpera body is frail and blowy can cause a cold, another reason is bones and muscles of postpartum whole body slackens, if let air cooling blow,raid bone, have the possibility of muscle ache later, the expert had better be to wear long garment, pants during proposal mom are confined, and when getting out of bed if the floor is frozen, had better add a sock again, if be the long sleeve clothings with summer criterion poor choice.

If be the summer fuggy. Can let fanner be blown to the wall, make indoor airiness. Wanted lock door window in the past, the purpose is to hope the puerpera is not blowy, want air cooling to be not blown directly only piece, room a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces still should be the airiness that ought to keep proper.

Archaic puerpera production is defilement is unfavorable see the person cannot enter cloister in. Contemporary different of course. But also cannot go out, giving no more than nothing more than is hope strength poorer lying-in woman does not catch a cold because of this or be to be blown by the air cooling of early in the morning raid, lest hurt a body.