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Postpartum and perineal nurse opportunely

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Postpartum and perineal nurse opportunely

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In manufacturing process unavoidable and perineal meeting gets hurt. Perineal cut often with keep sb company of postpartum lochia, defecate, pee, postpartum and perineal nurse appear all in all, otherwise, the likelihood brings about postpartum reproduction path to affect, perineal cut heal is undesirable
, the influence will live henceforth.
1. Maintain vulva cleanness. Change perineal mat and underwear frequently, relieve oneself logistics is washed with clear water perineal, plunge into bromic ammonium with the benzene of 0.1% everyday (new clean Er destroys) solution swabs vulva, at least 1, till perineal cut take out stitches.
2. Postpartum should maintain to perineal cut to side lie or seat. On one hand, can make postpartum lochia is not invaded as far as possible reach cut; On the other hand, the blood that can improve local cut circulates, stimulative cut cicatrizations.
3. The person that vulva cut strut aches, can use 95% alcohol (alcohol) gauze or vulva of wet apply of 50% vitriolic magnesium.
4. Perineal to those cut is local the person that have strut, scleroma, after laborring 10 days, when lochia quantity already decreased apparently, usable 1:5Solution of 000 potassium permanganate, immerse perineal 15 minutes, everyday 2. In order to accelerate perineal cut heal, detumescence, alleviate local strut is unwell.
5. Ache apparently when perineal cut or appear when content of secrete of surprise regular meeting, should vigilant cut has deny infection, need to the doctor is checked and be treated please when necessary.
Anyhow, to most puerpera, because force of perineal cut heal is powerful, as long as postpartum nurse proper, can cicatrization more, won't produce infection, be in commonly take out stitches of postpartum 3-5 day, if use,can absorb the suture inside line skin not to need take out stitches.