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"Climb " give a day

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The person such as American doctor Danpuer advocates passive and creeping mode jointly, they think, coordinate adequately of creeping need limb and cerebra, this is a first-rate outside information stimulation, have apparent effect to developing the child's intelligence.  

The research of psychologist Wen Ge and the research that Ramon • amounts to heart mankind institute point out, the nation that permits infantile freedom ground to crawl on the ground compares the nation that restricts baby crawl strictly, culture or technical level want tall.

Crawl is not certain level

A lot of parents had asked a doctor similar question, won't climb for the child and feel afraid, professor Xu Jide says, actually, although most child is met,the course climbs this level, but crawl is not the child grows the needing of development classics phase, because the child does not climb,can not think his development is backward only. Crawl is the child from can take a when attend a meeting station, meeting goes to transfer movement, that is to say, crawl is the child station, warm-up that go. And some children do not experience climbing level and go directly, the parent also need not worry for this.

Darling learns to climb gain much

Although some children do not have the level that experience climbs, and the expert also says not to climb not to represent growth bad, but creeping to darling grow for, have a lot of profit truly.

Climb need drive up and control rotational head, the power that still needs arm and artifice props up whole upper part of the body, because this is helpful for aggrandizement darling hand, foot, cervical joint, make the skeletal joint of abdomen, cervical, limb and small muscle group get taking exercise, the growth that can promote skeleton, enhance physical power and lay next foundations to admit future act.

When crawl, participate in what need upper limbs and lower limbs jointly, it is harmonious movement of the whole body, because this crawls OK and promotional cerebra reachs the control capacity of the eye to limb, exercise the harmonious sex of hand, foot, eye, effective precaution feels all closes maladjusted.

Sufficient crawl can enlarge the child's territory, patulous his eye shot, can promote cerebrum growth, develop child intelligence potential. It is when the child when swaddle is medium, the range that place of seeing and hearing reachs is very small; When he is sitting or lying, limits of seeing and hearing expands somewhat, but gotten stimulation is not much still; And it is when the child when the meeting is creeping, attitude You Jing arrives move, limits arrives by the dot face, the thing that he contacts and observes is added gradually much, the range that knows the world also is expanding, in the meantime, his thinking, language and envisaged ability to also get accordingly development and rise.

Creation learns to climb good environment

Environmental element is the main reason that a lot of darling won't climb, want to let darling learn to climb, must solve this problem above all.