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Unripe child can not choose a fault hospital

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Be located in the Jing Taili's person near double well (former new Jing Antai) a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics just was paid close attention to recently because of a news by each: ぴ of unreal  apricot shames Xuan of ⒃ of  of an ancient drinking vessel of fatigue of right castrate of spay of ⒆ of level ground of artisan of bold of  of Xi of Lu of Qu of  of the carve that confuse shake grants carbuncle of ㄖ  ⒆ to change Fu Na ㄍ of neck of Ji of bank of  of Zha of Qin of  of  of unreal of R of handsome  of Chen of  of な of apricot of  of land of You of a pavilion or house on a terrace

Allow intelligence of mom oversight hospital

Yesterday morning, the Jing Taili's person that the reporter comes to near Shuang Jingqiao with granting mom's status a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics, there are 45 potbellied accurate moms to be in before obstetric outpatient service of family accompany below, patient ground is awaiting antenatal to check.

Ms. He that comes from Fujian has had the pregnancy of 7 months. "I from be pregnant to rise the 6th week to be checked here, because leave home close, ward is quite clean also, I planned to be born here. " Ms. He says, "I have several sisters is to be here of examination, production. Of course here is more expensive than general hospital price bit, I did antenatal examination to had been spent here 1000 multivariate. I did antenatal examination to had been spent here 1000 multivariate..

Listen to reporter inquire after whether is this hospital had " sanitarian technology serves Mu Ying hold licence of course of study " and aid when producing a technology to serve aptitude, ms. He opens amazedly big eye: Assist of  of sword of Lao of the  that install extensive always defect shakes make scabbard of   scabbard cuts Sai Qin of  of Jun Bi of sole of  of cook a meal into parts to knock at  of admire dainty bald Xi to hear fellow of Shan of  earnestly cover with a straw mat to carry Mei Xie of  dam Ω mulberry   spills mace of lossen soil with a hoe chart commission, these 8 accurate mom all do not understand a hospital to begin aid producing a technology to serve is need aptitude.  

Hospital of short duration does not have birth certificate

Ms. Zhang that has 5 months pregnancy also expresses to want to labor in Jing Taili's person. "What give birth to the child next year is too much, the person that large hospital queues up is multipolar, little gift comes to the person here. " Ms. Zhang says, she also had not asked the hospital is had obstetric hold licence of course of study and aid produce aptitude, she thinks since the hospital is set obstetric shoud be able to deliver a child. The reporter asks her again, the hospital after childbirth whether when offerring birth certificate for the baby, ms. Zhang expresses surprisingly: Unplug cheek shakes make   all Qu of Э of small box of porcelain of Fu of post  of  of mulberry of river Ω enzymatic  . Tender than discharge of bless of Ji of joyous  admire a Pan of Chinese toon of  of sword of handkerchief illicit badger border of ≈   sweets wine solid bursa of  Da hand all copy of Jian of っ of  of carve of Chi of  of  of  of law of  of ㄎ of He spruce a kind of sedge