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Small BB complementary feed add should see demand

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A lot of Yo book and doctor point out: In the child should add when 4 months complementary feed. But concerned expert points out however: With respect to feed of breast resembling a mother the baby under 4 months " should see a baby whether have the demand that should suck the breast, is not to look horological when should feed " same, add complementary feed " should see a baby whether have should eat complementary the demand that feed, is not to see a few months should be added complementary feed " . Do not advocate for 6 months the following baby is added commonly complementary feed.

LookThe expression of darling, the choice is added complementary the time that eat. Want to eat when them complementary when feeding, observe following sign:

1, successive a few days cry be troubled by, you discover he does not have disease already, also did not grow the phenomenon of the tooth;

2, when someone else has a meal, he is interested in the meal on dining table very;

3, can oneself sit firm, the reflex that hold out a tongue disappears, such word, the baby is unapt outside rolling out food the mouth;

4, oneself can catch food, in can putting the entrance.

Additional, whether can you have on the diaper of observation darling do not have digestive food completely. If have, at this moment you should suspend adding complementary feed, wait for a few week hind to try again.

Baby of not ambitious approach eats complementary feed, such their meetings spit the food that just fed come, if successive a few days fail, with respect to the specification the baby is returned temporarily unsuited add complementary feed. Just began to add complementary when feeding, one day is fed. What in corn the baby accepts the most easily is rice, but rice is easy cause constipation. If discover infantile constipation, should change feed oatmeal congee. After the baby got used to rice, add the cereal baby provision of other sort slowly again. Can feed a kind only. After feeding a few kinds of different cereal, want to begin to add a fruit, still be a kind. Next ordinal add vegetable of yellow, green. Can add fruit juice at any time during this. The flesh kind should add later in 6 months, because be digested hard.

After 6 months, the parent can let a baby be being caught eat small biscuit or cracker, give small fruit, vegetable and cheese to wait again. The proposal feeds an egg again after 9 months, because the baby is easy to the egg before 9 months allergic.