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Darling is short of calcium: of Qing of eggplant of Ju ⒒ reason

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Nowadays, young father and mother are mixed through mutual study consult, had had basic Yo common sense. Those who make them bemused is, how to decide is the child of oneself short of calcium? Do hair and blood detect two kinds method the level containing calcium of human body of which kinds of can real report?

The small flesh of nearly 5 months is the female baby that a person sees the person loves, mom discovered she falls asleep by day recently begin difficulty to rise, also sleep to not be free from anxiety in the evening, especially afterbrain ministry appeared " pillow is bald " . Mom takes her to go to Harbin disease of an area class controls a center, the staff member cut the child laboratory test of one tuft hair, as a result indication child is short of zinc, be short of calcium; Mom is right detect the result is half believing and half doubting, look after children again to a hospital, the nurse took ear blood of the child to do laboratory test, measured bone calcium, conclusion is to be short of calcium to not be short of zinc.

Which kinds of result should small flesh mom believe after all? Harbin medical university is accessary the 2nd hospital protect expert Ma Xiancai to say, detect hair calcium does not have scientific basis, conclusion is suspect. More authentic is to detect the end blood such as auditive, finger while the calcium that investigate character, can the level containing calcium of real report child. The pathology feature of integrated child Jing of much sweat, be agitated, night, pillow is for instance bald wait, just can make accurate judgement.