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Intellective exam wants observation

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Baby was born, baby a baby's completion of its first month of life, darling 6 months, darling 1 one full year of life... pa Mom looks at darling to be brought up every day, from know only at first " wow, wow " cry cry, random dance of hands or feet, to later " prattle " phonate, turn over climb sit, and even cry can clearly " father, mom " , toddle, happy situation between heart of regular meeting plentiful.

Be brought up slowly as darling, pa Mom besides the body development besides care darling, also pay close attention to the development of darling intelligence more and more, everybody hopes his darling is clever and bright, so many pa Mom face darling when 6 months and exam of intelligence of one full year of life, if face archenemy,always be, the achievement to darling very care about.

And what content does intellective exam include? Is pa Mom taking darling to need what to thing notice again? The following we with respect to the intellective test project with darling of one full year of life, come to everybody introduction.

Test project 1: Big movement

Big movement is the mainest the big movement development that those who measure is darling.
What it symbolizes is darling the degree of neurological maturity.
The darling with large strong action, athletic intelligence also can have greater progress than other darling. Continue to let darling try hard in this respect, small perhaps Yao Ming can appear in your home.

Baby of light shake handshandle can leave 3 paces above

If darling was met, pa Mom is very excited and excited.
The development of darling is to abide by normally " from above to below " undertake orderly, namely Fu lies, look up, carry bosom, turn over, sit, station, go, it is indicating darling is neurological of development mature gradually.
Additional, must not ignore " climb stairs " this movement oh, it can be the optimal method that darling has sensory all closes training.

Test project 2: Language

This item is the mainest those who measure is darling listens, the degree of understanding and language.
What it symbolizes is darling language can the development of the area.
The darling doctrine word with strong the gift of tongues is early, master a vocabulary very fast also, future perhaps can be an outstanding lecturer.

Can conscious appellation " father, mom "

Darling can conciously appellation " father, mom " , this is a when darling the gift of tongues develops significant proof.

Darling can point to somewhat

Speak a certain word when pa Mom, be like " the lamp " when, darling can look at the lamp or point to the lamp, show darling had understood this word.

Test project 3: Get used to ability

Get used to ability of the mainest test is the ability that darling gets used to society and ego.
What it symbolizes is the development of darling ego, and the development that ego serves.
Get used to the darling with strong capability, future can get used to the life well, and unapt clothes will stretch one's hand, the meal comes dehisce, business of intelligence quotient tall affection is small.