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The mystery that darling attention develops

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Of the darling before be born sensory already very perfect, but form correctly what this does not mean a feeling, because the feeling is caused by stimulation not only, still be the child of experience. After baby is born, faced challenge is very big, they can be passed to too much, strong exciting place is perplexed and puzzle, must be in in interacting, be formed with external environment and perfect a variety of understanding.

New student the figure that cerebral ministry already had adult head department and basic structure, but far poor still on the function at growing up. Accordingly, when baby just was born, won't talk, cannot own activity, these ability need the ability on the foundation in day afterbrain development to be had gradually. In the process that grows in darling, cerebral ministry development always precedes the other part at the body. The head when just was born is overcome in 350-400 about again, it is an adult merely 25% average head is heavy; The head when 1 year old achieves 800-900 to overcome again, 60% what be close to adult head to weigh; The head when 2 years old is added again overcome to 1000-1150, 75% what achieve adult head to weigh. The original 1-2 that is born in darling it is thus clear that inside year, cerebral development is the fastest. Inchoate experience of the child can be great the nerve network structure that affects cerebral department, inchoate experience is accordingly more, cerebral ministry progress is better.

Explicit behavior of the attention

The attention is psychological activity to fixed object point to and center. Of the person sensory when notting have, do not engrave accepting interior and external exciting, but the person is finite to the processing of these information, watchful occurrence is to let a person can handle those important things better.

According to purpose sex of the attention, the person's attention is divided notice innocently to notice to mix of purpose. Noticing innocently is to point to the purpose that did not book, also do not need the attention that the volition tries hard, because more changeful, intense or objective exciter is new,basically be different, or arise because of the main body condition such as the person's interest, need, manner; Intended attention is self-conscious, have the attention that books a purpose.
The attention of darling is on explicit behavior, have the following a few show --

1. takes action

Include to look attentively at, listen attentively to, smell is heard, touch etc all sorts of sensory to outside thing point to an activity. New student the attention of the outline of the sound of some kind of the to some kind of brightness beam that inchoate happening, loudness or some kind of appearance, it is in these stimulation suits a new student acceptability condition falls to be caught on physiology, because notice innocently however.

Infantile period all can happen to notice innocently to a lot of feeling stimulation, in be like, wait intensity, beautiful and the music that has bright rhythm, high frequency dialect of the mother, the toy with size moderate, bright-coloured color. Those who let infantile experience accumulate, their apiration, need and preference tendency criterion can revulsive intended attention.