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Make darling relaxed develop

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To the result of intellective exam, pa Mom always is not what often care about.

Although know to should be faced with good state of mind, but still be can certain to darling not quite the show that coordinate feels depressed.

Actually, darling behaves it is good in the home to be inferior to, that can have a reason, pa Mom can notice first before intellective exam, help darling answers normal level.

Environmental road coin is like person meaning very much into expression


If expression does not have the ability of darling to be behaved well in the home, because detect,that is likely very room it is a new place, and a lot of darling arrived in a new environment, the case that can have be shy with strangers appears, be afraid of see stranger, expression is very constraint, act also can become hesitant, do not put oneself, so, bring about a lot of " expert " , perfect motion fails to spread out come.

The countermeasure of pa Mom

To these circumstances of darling, pa Mom does not worry too too, but also should be in give darling a few chances that take exercise at ordinary times, let darling eliminate mood of be shy with strangers, once arrived an unfamiliar unfamiliar place, the guidance that passes mom or oneself adjustment suits, in can blending in a new environment as soon as possible, go, this kind of adaptability to the environment, to the body and mind of darling development also will have profit greatly.

The body is unwell performance is bad


If the ability expression of darling is like the word of pa Mom meaning very much, still be the body condition as a result of darling and psychosis likely not beautiful causes. If darling is in fall ill during, or just the cured, level that still recovering the body, so the instruction act that darling coordinates not regular meeting the doctor.

The countermeasure of pa Mom

Pa Mom needs to do a few conduct the work, after the mood that lets darling entered state, undertake intellectual evaluation again, perhaps let darling spend period of time, when the state that waits for him is a bit better, will undertake evaluating again not late also ah.

Wanted to rest not to miss exam

The expression when if disaccord is smooth,the ability of darling is behaved is in horizontal if going up, still be at that time likely darling was in the period of time that should rest. Normally, after darling has a thing in the morning, can have the time of a paragraph of nap, afternoon, darling also can have a paragraph of breathing space.

The countermeasure of pa Mom

So, if mom hopes the expression of darling is better, if having groove, be about to keep away from darling wants rest period of time. Otherwise, darling or is to sleep to one's heart's content is waked, or is confused want fall asleep, how good intention affection heard the doctor's statement? Came out impossibly of course that will hep action status is shown.