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Note of puerperium sexual life

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Note of puerperium sexual life

[Keyword] health care of puerperium sexual life is postpartum

Puerperium prohibits sexual life, because be in postpartum this period uterus is in the haemorrhage that achieve a face, be felt very easily
Catch, postpartum lochia needs completely 6, 8 weeks, so postpartum sexual life of the contraindication inside 2 months.
Postpartum once regain sexual life, must take corresponding contraceptive step, notable is: With lactation
Replace contraceptive method and fluky.     

Contraceptive method:   
1, best man uses condom or use prophylactic.   
2, postpartum 6 months, the woman can place an intrauterine device.    
3, if the hope is eternal,use contraceptive, also can make sterilization art.   
4, after ablactationing, the woman is OK contraceptive medicaments of profess to convinced.

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