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Promote darling the recipe of IQ

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The IQ of clever darling is not to be born so tall, besides the element of congenital heredity, father mother can rely on acquired love and the intelligence quotient that let them hard to rise, this can be father mother can give the child one of the most precious money oh!

Daughter 9 months, always feel she learns a thing to should be patted slower than other child partly. Look at the sort of proud expression when she shows she learns new mastery of a skill or technique every time, I can can't help plainting: If you can be again many bits cleverer good. Am I card of this much literacy that buy a place, much prepare some of beneficial wisdom toy? Desertion those literacy card! Loosen a dot, letting darling become clever is not much understanding a few letters are possible. The expert thinks, the child's intelligence quotient not only get the influence of genetic gene, surroundings also is having crucial effect, and care adds education just is the crucial place that makes darling gets high intelligence quotient. Do not ask darling learns this blindly again so, write down that, we offerred growth of cerebra of 10 stimulative darling for you " love recipe " , rise with respect to the action now, with your love, become darling cleverer.

Recipe one, chat

The expert thinks, certain connection exists between the vocabulary that a person hears in infantile period in phonetic intelligence quotient and him. " the word that you and he says is more, his vocabulary is richer. Because infantile thought returns confine to be on specific thing, so speech wants as far as possible brief, say some of topic that concerns with darling more, for instance his pram or his toy. When darling tries to communicate with you, the intent that you also can give him with speech description (for instance: Oh, you want that feeder! ) .

Recipe 2, read

You are OK the word that the edge reads an edge to pointing to a book to go up, the thing that allows darling to realize you are read comes from which, and your reading order is according to from left arrive right, once upon a time of in the future. After a book is read, you can be read the 2nd times to him again, the 3rd, every are read, the child's impression is deepened a few, need not fear he can listen disgustedly, can " prescient " the story below can let darling feel interest is full. Read together so conduce to the tie that establishs a kind of spirit to go up between you and darling, and new to darling study thing is very helpful. The expert thinks, read together with darling, can make he masters smoothly about read written a few fundamental news. Additional, if you notice to see some of tiger, ship, plane to him more at ordinary times,wait seldom at ordinary times the picture of the thing that see, also can let darling acquire a lot of new things.

Recipe 3, sign language is used when chat

Before little baby won't talk, can use sign language and him to undertake communicating. For instance, "Book " can close to replace with the palm, leave as breaking up or close book; "Bird " can put in mouth edge to close one piece to express with forefinger and thumb, be like the appearance of beak. An investigation that has according to American California city shows, the child that learns sign language not only the child conversation that learns sign language than those doing not have is early, and intelligence quotient is high also. That is to say sign language can have positive effect to the development of infantile intelligence quotient and the gift of tongues.