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My darling learns to walk

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Generally speaking, the darling of major one full year of life can have stood alone, a few paces also can walk up when be being pulled to begin by pa Mom, the darling when 15 months can walk alone very firm, but as a result of environment and the influence that bring up the element such as means, the behavioral development of same age darling not just the same, some growth are a bit rapidder, some is a bit slower. Mom of a few pa is looked at with age baby has left to go on foot in succession, go up in the meadow, it is happy that flower bed edge plays very, and him darling still leans close beside not to agree closely however move pace, or it is not to agree go to the fields, or it is to cannot make pa Mom relaxed let go, heart within is really anxious.

Walking is grown mark

Leave when darling when the pace walks, also be his grown mark, he can move the place that the footstep goes to any wanting that go. Walking darling is OK more contact an object conveniently, darling territory is opener also.

10-11 lunar him darling can help a thing up to walk, but from helping up walk independently, mom of constant need pa trains actively.
Have a few small appliance, can help darling walk smoothly. These are assisted suitably article, darling have the aid of they walk rising can be get twice the result with half the effort.

Toddle of have the aid of is taken

Toddle belt is one kind hitchs the cummerbund of darling double shoulder and prothorax, pa Mom can hold another end, and can be adjusted freely mix the length between darling, need not help the arm of darling constantly, pa Mom frees oneself easily from this a hand oh. Just occasionally, need notices the degree of tightness that toddle takes. Pa Mom also can use firm length list or narrow jack-towel replaces toddle belt.

Help column up, help up furniture and helping a wall up to walk is the beginning that goes alone

But must not look down upon darling to help a wall up, help furniture inch body up, it is the beginning that darling walks. Although stand alone not reliable still, but the move that adopts a step moves, of hands or feet and body cooperate, the balance feeling of darling is getting promotion ceaselessly.

Push push a car to go quickly

Push shift a car, let darling and small go-cart go ahead together, this also is a when exercise darling to walk good method.

Let darling stand at the back of of small go-cart, two little hands are caught reliable, in the begining pa Mom can accuse go-cart armrest to control the rate with small progressive go-cart through the palm, after waiting for darling adroitness, pa Mom can let go let him darling shift a car.

After pa Mom still can instruct darling court of will small when encountering an obstacle go-cart, reentry turns all right with escape obstacle. The ability that believes darling, he meets what master very quickly.

The toy also can help darling walk