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Model memory

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The small head of baby stores the imagination that the ability of information may be head and shoulders above you. We help you understand the development process of infantile memory ahead of schedule here, help the ability with he increases and hint this is planted important with a few little game.

When Li Li 3 months when, the grandma begins to play the game of haircut with her. When playing game every time, the grandma always can sing " celestial being walks on strange predestined relationship " a canzonet in: "Cut cut this, cut cut that, ... " be in Li Li is fast full one year old when, hear this canzonet to be able to be felt with little hand corresponding place. To this, the parents of Li Li feels unusual shock.

Do not cross expert of children growing problem but won't feel accident. Although the baby is considered as what did not remember for a time, but recent research makes clear however, the baby is born with to make handling reaching storing be used in order to have in the future to the image of the outside, sound and other information from. Compare with adult photograph, infantile memory wants of course many fragile, brief. For example, the baby that 3 months control is staring at settle on of a certain object a few days 9 minutes everyday continuously, below this kind of circumstance physical ability of this one content is in his memory left and right sides of reservation a week. But arrived one year old, the child sees the time of the object need 4 minutes only everyday, so successive after a certain number of days, this one object can be put in his memory leave 8 weeks, and at this moment the child can rise a few objects and behavioral connection.

Memorial capacity of the child will be progressively as the growth of the age strengthen, and the memory that parents also can rear the child further through a few exercises.

Be born to 7 months: To the brief memory of circumjacent thing

The baby was born to have the capacity that forms memory from, in that phase all sorts of information with a kind automatic, in the memory that involuntary form enters a baby, and can put only take very short time. The thing with circumjacent to oneself baby most produce memory first, for example, feed full the breast of his small belly or it is feeder, pillow puts the soft place of cerebella bag, a finger that can hold... and the baby of this phase can learn certain person or thing from organic angle, for example, remember mother through odour, remember oneself young toy through feel, remember the toy that division division makes sound through sound.

Baby when 3 months, it is more mature that pallium development is gotten, he can store conciously and recollect a few information. At this moment, he needs what what be familiar with to glance knowing a certain thing is him only. The baby is very easy test to the memory of object or character. Because the baby always seeks strange thing ceaselessly, once they are right some type thing is accordingly familiar (from go up at all for, it is them after learning some type thing) , they feel with respect to what can be opposite wearily.