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123 paces go

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To parents, the first step with the extraordinary sense in looking at the child to walk out of their lifetime is forever most the thing of excitement letting a person!
From original hardship the ground opens a body, arrive again can climb in disorder everywhere, down to begins toddle eventually, " Mu Zijian health " the growing course that will witness the child together with parents, provide scientific and simple training method and correct help guidance.

7-9 what lunar study walks is prelusive

To major baby, crawl is the mobile skill that they master the earliest, it is study those who walk is prelusive. Mom is OK from teach darling crawl to begin, practice force of harmonious ability of the child, limb, lay next good foundations to walk.

But, need reminds mom: Be not every darling to be able to climb -- this listens go up make a person a little amazed. The fact is such really nevertheless. Some babies can sit on the ground to climb painfully with the arm only; Some resemble only big crab at all, limb touchdown, keep turning circle; And some learned to roll about on the ground only, although floating rate indeed not low; Still have a few baby essential " distain " study is creeping, they will be direct from begin on foot! All these circumstances, very normal, mother need not worry. No matter darling how " climb " , want to be able to make their limb gets sufficient exercise OK only.

7 months

After when little baby institutional scroll turns over, can begin to train them to undertake crawl " the first type " . Above all, make bub face gadarene bend over to go up in the rug, look for next common he loves, the baby with gorgeous colour puts forwardly about " at 1 o'clock direction " place, so that he sees exactly. At this moment, you can discover bub special effort ground moves ahead, very fast, they themselves can discover: Original, the gastric ministry lower part that carries knee on the head in oneself can accelerate some of rate!

8 months

The growth as the body development, leg ministry of the baby and strength of crural ministry muscle increase slowly, this makes they can do sex of a few balances to ask faster movement comes out. Choose a hard area, let bub face you, next both hands from the baby alar help him up firm, put downward slowly, when when touchdown, you can feel he is in try to be propped up with a leg, repeat this act, let him feel him weight slowly. After waiting for them to be familiar with, can make bounce perhaps play the movement of the leg sometimes, what this stage parents should notice is " help up firm, do not let go " .

9 months

At this moment bub should master crawl adroitly. In the meantime, mom also has noticed probably: At this moment, the creeping motion of darling is more more perfect than in the past, and apparently, right now each place use darling whole body rose. Bub begins to be good at using his limbs, no matter why be planted pose or method, want to be able to let them climb more quickly only, they can be happy to try. So at this moment, mom always can discover a face is gadarene, the small figure of limb touchdown, not tire of its are irritated the ground " loaf about " in each corner. The model of this phase crawls attitude is: Upper limbs unbend, palmar touchdown, lower limbs bends, genu ministry touchdown, close at gastric ministry the following. Some darling can have climbed well and truly to assign a goal.