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What is called intellective exam

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Around the move is intellective exam, pa Mom most propbably can have a lot of doubt, how the intelligence quotient of little baby is defined for instance, intellective exam has a few kinds of methods again, what kind of darling should do intellective test?

To these doubt of pa Mom, our expert made a reply, look please.

Be in in defending outpatient service, every time after darling made intellective test, often come up against the parent to ask ask " a few minutes did my darling get? " really, intellective exam and like measuring height, weight, have the level of assess, this standard calls intelligence quotient. Intelligence quotient is the abbreviation of intellective quotient.

The definition of intelligence quotient

Intelligence quotient is formerly with wisdom age the concept is a foundation, use at first wisdom age express. In intellective exam, a test project that 6 years old of darling can complete 6 years old of age group, his wisdom age it is 6 years old.

Discover later with wisdom age will calculate put in many problems, think wisdom age the different intelligent level in cannot mirrorring actual age directly, because this puts forward to come with intelligence quotient assess, namely wisdom age the ratio with actual age, namely intelligence quotient (IQ) = wisdom age / actual age × 100.

Face of exemple as above that darling, actual age is 6 years old, wisdom age also be 6 years old, so, intelligence quotient =6 year old / 100=100 of 6 years old of × ; If a darling of 5 years old, measure wisdom age for 7 years old, his intelligence quotient =7 year old / 100=140 of 5 years old of × ; And another also is darling of 5 years old, those who measure wisdom age for 3 years old, his intelligence quotient =3 year old / 100=60 of 5 years old of × .

It how many intelligence quotient just calculates is normal how many intelligence quotient just calculates

At present the definition on medicine, limits of normal intelligence quotient is 70 ~ 130, average is 100. That is to say if the intelligence quotient of darling is in,130 above state intelligence is very outstanding, 120 ~ 129 for outstanding, 110 ~ 119 for clever, 90 ~ 109 in be, wait, 80 ~ 89 in be, fall, 70 ~ 79 for critical condition.

If intelligence quotient of a darling is in 70 the following, at the same time companion has a society to get used to ability low, can consider to lag behind for intellectual growth, should go to a hospital making further examination. Intellectual growth lags behind to also have the branch of grade, intelligence quotient is in 55 ~ 69 lag behind to be spent gently, 40 ~ 54 in be, spend backward, 40 attach most importance to below degree backward.

What makes intellective test

Can be the intellective development of darling measured? Whether usable instrument will undertake metrical? Regular meeting of a lot of pa Mom classics raise such question.

The weight of darling and height can use a level or feet is measured, so the intellective development of darling can pass intellective exam to undertake metrical. Intellective exam is the model of development of intelligence of each age level in normal children behaves the basis, the design gives various projects, these projects reflect a growth of darling nerve spirit in the round quite the ability of each respect.