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Mom also can measure darling intelligence

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How does the intellective exam grading of darling come out, pa Mom wants to know very much certainly. If darling is inferior to pa Mom meaning in the expression of intellective test site, pa Mom also does not want to mind, because darling is probable,be have all sorts of reasons.

See on one, believe pa Mom already bottom energy of life is very, even if should take darling to do intellective test also won't be confused like a tangle of flax. After the item that introduces test of intelligence of one full year of life, the pa Mom that we will concern score of test of heart darling intelligence for place is detailed cent of introductory wisdom evaluation is how to be calculated, pa Mom wants to undertake comparative according to the following formula only, conversion, do not go out 10 minutes, the intellective grading of darling appears!

From darling lunar age begins test that month

The darling of every lunar age has his main action, intellective exam is these basic conduct cent makes 5 items normally -- big movement, delicate act, get used to ability, language and socialization, and lunar age makes the full with darling give priority to measure lunar age. That is to say, if the full of darling lunar age is 12 months, intellective exam will with age group will serve as in December advocate measure lunar age.

After 5 test that had surveyed group of 12 lunar age, OK the test subject form of before 2 months makes a test for darling, also should take that is to say 10, the test subject of age group will let darling try in November, finish 10, after group of 11 lunar age, undertake backward even 15, the test of each months of 18 age groups, see darling whether can exceed mark to finish. The month of the project place correspondence that final darling finishs, just intelligence quotient calculates real need.

Method of calculation of Zhi Lingzhi business

We are by force by force with what was born on April 21, 2004 first now exemple, the time of stubborn stubborn intellective test is on April 27, 2005, the result of stubborn stubborn intellective test of 12 mature is as follows:

According to afore-mentioned results, be in by force by force respect of big movement project can be achieved only in October age the movement of darling, namely can " the station that pull column rises " , write down for " 10 " ; And in language respect, strong the action that strong action has reached 15 lunar age darling, namely " can point to eye, ear, nose, mouth, hand " , can write down for " 15 " .

With this analogize, next 5 numbers addition, get a total mark, divide the project number that makes with strong strong place, namely " 5 " , get strong strong wisdom age; Divide again with strong strong month age, namely " 12 " , had to give a mark to final intelligence.


Wisdom age = 10 12 12 15 12 (5 can the area carries an item lunar age the sum) = 61 = 12.2
5 (measure check can the area is counted) 5
Strong strong wisdom age for 12.2