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Say less " not " , do not want to be protected overly

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Parents should allow darling freedom to the ground is explored and study. If you often say " not " or " must not touch " , darling can lose the nerve of exploration, he can think curiosity is a bad character even. Contrary, if change domestic environment, make darling free, explore surely, so his exploration spirit is met utmost ground gets developing. Exorbitant protection can limit the appetite of darling study, when encountering difficulty, cannot be solved by oneself force, depend on parental help however.

In fact, a lot of parents are involuntary in the life ground block up the study of darling, some parents want darling to keep quiet only, the dress is neat clear away a toy to be met with oneself satisfied. They never allow him darling to have a meal, because darling often drops meal bead. To be afraid of darling trip, parents always is defended by, a lot of things in house must not he is touched. Attend to facilitate, more cause a trouble to be afraid of, darling often is put to be inKiss baby in person, in Qqbaobao.com. A few darling give clothing and other articles of daily use from chest lira inadvertently, mom can hit him even toward his shout. These practices can create the pressure on the mood to darling, and block up his inherent and expeditionary desire.

Right way is: Parents is darling in the home alone open up a field, there is security inside with the ark cabinet that has grade and drawer, he can be explored at will. Encourage darling to go swing, contact new thing, littery thing and production noise. Such, OK and incentive darling learns freely from inside the environment all round.