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Mother milk feed is good be in

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Everybody knows mother milk feed is good, compare with photograph of feed of common milk powder, the darling immunity force of mother milk feed is more powerful, the body is more healthy. So, mother milk feed after all fortunately Where is where? The infant nutrition that held recently is newest on progress seminar, shanghai is new China professor of benefit of Zhang Wei of famous and paediatrics expert introduced the hospital abroad's newest research achievement: Discover in a research of near future United States, the mother of Asia, Europe and United States contains TPAN in breast (namely 72 milligram / promote nucleotide sick at heart) , it is the important matter that enhances infant immunity power. Research resultAfter showing the baby of milk powder feed that added nucleotide acid, darling is in vaccination (bacili of diphtheria toxoid vaccine and B bloodsucking flu is vaccinal) the antibody level after increases apparently, show nucleotide acid can promote the maturity of infantile immunity function; In addition the immune function that nucleotide acid can increase infantile tummy bowel to, lower diarrhoea occurence rate of the baby.

Nucleotide acid returns the immunity in the infant and genetic respect to having very main effect. For example the raw material that it is synthetic nucleic acid, and the corporeal foundation that nucleic acid is heredity. Nucleotide acid is added to be able to make in recipe grandma the gain weight of slink baby; Nucleotide acid still can promote a baby the development of inchoate immunity function. Because immune system growth of the infant returns insufficient maturity, the immune globulin that gets from the mother's body (IgG) drop off, and the quantity of the immune globulin that oneself produces is less, because this baby is in postnatal is original inside 1 year be affected more easily, globulin of the immunity in blood of the baby after giving a baby compensatory nucleotide sick at heart increases apparently. Although common milk powder contains nucleotide acid, but content has 20 only, 30 milligram / litre, such content did not reach the nucleotide acerbity level that the mother breeds. Because this mom should notice,give darling in time compensatory nucleotide sick at heart.